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In the world of digital marketing, the sales game has dramatically shifted. Instead of casting a wide net to capture as many prospects as possible, savvy businesses are now focusing on a small list of highly targeted prospects. This approach, known as hyper-targeting, allows companies to personalize their messages and offer tailored solutions, resulting in higher conversion rates and better customer relationships.

The Art of Hyper-Targeting

Hyper-targeting is all about quality over quantity. It involves identifying a specific group of potential customers most likely to benefit from your product or service and crafting personalized marketing messages for them. This approach allows businesses to cut through the noise and connect with their ideal prospects on a deeper level.

For instance, a B2B software company might focus its marketing efforts on mid-sized tech startups that recently secured funding rather than every tech company out there. By doing so, they can tailor their messaging to address the unique needs and challenges these startups face, thereby increasing the chances of conversion.

The Benefits of Hyper-Targeting

The benefits of hyper-targeting are manifold. It enables companies to build better client relationships by understanding their needs and providing tailored solutions. This improves customer satisfaction and increases the chances of cross-selling and upselling.

Moreover, focusing on a small list of highly targeted prospects can lead to higher close rates. This is because you’re dealing with high-value prospects who are more likely to convert, as opposed to low-value prospects that can drag down close rates.

Finally, hyper-targeting can generate a higher ROI with less time and effort. This is because the prospects you’re engaging with are more likely to convert, which means you’re getting more bang for your buck.

Implementing Hyper-Targeting in Your Marketing Campaign

To implement hyper-targeting in your digital marketing campaign, you must first define your ideal customer profile. This involves identifying the characteristics of the businesses or individuals most likely to benefit from your product or service.

First, use various methods such as leveraging social media platforms, lead generation tools, or purchasing a custom list to build a targeted prospect list.

Once you have your list, craft personalized messages for each prospect. These messages should address their specific needs and demonstrate how your product or service can provide a solution.

Lastly, measure the success of your campaign by tracking key metrics such as conversion rates, customer acquisition costs, and ROI.

Focusing on a small list of highly targeted prospects can be a game-changer for businesses. By adopting a hyper-targeting approach, you can connect with your ideal prospects on a deeper level, provide them with tailored solutions, and ultimately, drive more sales and achieve a higher ROI.

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Black Friday sales are the busiest shopping day for retailers, setting new sales records annually.

In 2022, shoppers spent an astounding $9.12 billion, which is a 2.3% increase from the previous year. Given the impressive figures, it is crucial for businesses to understand and take advantage of Black Friday trends. This guide aims to provide valuable insights into these trends and offer effective strategies for creating attractive offers that can help businesses drive sales.

Understanding Black Friday Sales Trends

Black Friday’s shopping frenzy extends beyond brick-and-mortar stores. Cyber Monday, its online counterpart, is growing in popularity, with consumers spending $11.3 billion in 2022. Retailers must cater to both in-store and online shoppers to maximize their reach.

The landscape of product preferences has undergone a significant transformation, with the emergence of new top categories in 2023. According to recent data, toys and electronics have emerged as the most popular categories, with a 34% and 25% share of the market, respectively. Computers and apparel are also seeing a surge in demand, with a close 20% and 19% share, respectively.

Furthermore, mobile shopping has skyrocketed and hit an all-time high in 2023. On Thanksgiving, more than half of all online retail sales were made through mobile devices, accounting for a whopping 55% of the total sales. This trend highlights a significant shift towards convenience and accessibility, as customers increasingly prefer to shop on the go using their smartphones and tablets.

Strategies to Stand Out

Online Merchants

1. Personalization: Leverage the power of data analytics to analyze customer browsing and purchasing history, and use the insights to offer tailored product recommendations and exclusive discounts. Create targeted and effective advertising campaigns that cater to different customer segments, taking into account their unique preferences and behaviors. By utilizing customer data in this way, you can enhance their shopping experience, increase engagement, and ultimately drive sales.

2. Emotional Marketing: To truly connect with your audience, it’s important to go beyond simply promoting your products or services. By tapping into their emotions, you can create a deeper, more meaningful relationship with them. One effective way to achieve this is by crafting compelling stories around your brand that resonate with your target audience. These stories should be designed to evoke specific emotions and highlight the unique benefits of your offerings. By doing so, you can drive engagement and conversions on your Black Friday sales, while also building a loyal following of customers who feel a strong connection to your brand.

3. Action-Oriented Campaigns: To encourage customers to make immediate purchase decisions, consider offering limited-time deals or exclusive product launches. This can create a sense of urgency and excitement, motivating them to buy.

Brick-and-Mortar Merchants

1. In-Store Black Friday Sales Exclusives: To encourage customers to visit your physical store, consider offering special deals or products only available in-store. This exclusive opportunity will incentivize foot traffic and increase the chances of making sales.

2. Events and Experiences: One way to increase brand loyalty is to host special events or experiences that draw customers into your store and create memorable moments.

3. Strategic Opening Hours: To increase the chances of making more sales, you should schedule your Black Friday special offers and events during the peak hours of store foot traffic, which typically occur in the afternoon. Make the most of this opportunity by aligning your marketing strategies with the busiest hours of the day to attract more customers and boost your sales.

Key Takeaways

The Black Friday season offers a lucrative opportunity for retailers to increase sales. By analyzing consumer trends and implementing innovative, data-driven strategies, businesses can differentiate themselves in a crowded market and maximize profits.

It is important to remember that success during the Black Friday season requires proper preparation. It is advisable to start planning your marketing strategies well in advance and be ready to adapt as consumer trends evolve. The most successful Black Friday campaigns are those that combine data insights with creativity to come up with offers that resonate with consumers and drive sales.

Need help with any of this? Contact Bash Foo at 937-912-4519 or for details on how they can deliver the campaigns that convert.

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It is possible that the upcoming 2024 US general election might be influenced by the Russians and Chinese. It is important for Americans to be aware of potential foreign interference, given the history of both nations meddling in the politics of other countries. We can expect attempts to sway public opinion and manipulate information in order to disrupt or affect election results.

While President Trump has been busy accusing individual states of election meddling in order to somehow come up with an alternate electoral reality, the real dangers originate from without and not within. Case after case, accusation after accusation, proved within US courts by Republican-nominated judges that the US elections are fair.

Russia was accused of interfering in the 2016 election, and there is mounting evidence that it interfered in 2020. Some signs of their interference may include spreading false narratives via social media platforms, disinformation campaigns, or even cyber-attacks on voting systems. For example, in 2017, Russia was responsible for spreading fake news stories across social media platforms regarding then German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s health status before an upcoming election – all in an effort to influence the outcome.

There have been several accusations made against China regarding its interference in global elections. One such instance was during the 2019 Hong Kong protests where they allegedly employed “astroturfing” campaigns online to manipulate public opinion against the pro-democracy movement. Furthermore, China has also been accused of carrying out cyber-attacks on other countries’ voting systems, as seen during the 2020 presidential election in Taiwan.

For Americans to recognize foreign interference in the upcoming general election, they should watch out for suspicious activity on social media platforms, be aware of campaigns that spread false or misleading information about candidates or issues, and be alert for any attempted manipulation of voting systems or malicious cyber-attacks. If you encounter any content that appears to be manufactured or manipulated, take a step back and double-check its validity with reputable sources.

In the present day, citizens of the United States who participate in the electoral process must exercise caution when viewing video material online. This is due to the emergence of sophisticated deep-fake videos, which manipulate footage to portray political figures saying things they have never actually uttered. As a result, voters need to be vigilant and discerning when evaluating the integrity of video content related to political candidates and issues.

  1. Consider the integrity of the source. If you found the video on a social media platform, look to see where it was originally published, and then identify if it is a hyper-partisan website or blog.
  2. Look at the quality of the video. Does the entire video make sense? Would a politician actually say or do the things in the video that are questionable?
  3. If you found a partisan video of the opposing candidate on a partisan social media channel that was originally published on a partisan blog or website, you should question its truthfulness. Look for the video to display on centrist or non-partisan news sources before assuming the video is real.
  4. If you are checking out a video or an internet claim or meme that was emailed to you by someone you do not know, you should question it.

The US government has taken steps to protect our election infrastructure from foreign interference. Still, it is up to the citizens of the United States to remain vigilant and alert for any suspicious activity. By doing so, we can work together to ensure a fair and democratic process in November.


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Phase one: Getting your SEO in order

SEO copywriting is a process consisting of three stages. First, you need to prepare and implement a content SEO strategy. Second, focus on writing. And lastly, optimize your content. To ensure maximum effectiveness, all three stages must be executed precisely.

Finding the Right Keywords

Keywords are words or phrases people search for to discover information or products using a web browser. Finding good keywords helps your content rank well in Google and drive organic traffic to your website. You should first target keywords of interest in the niche and have low competitors. It is also helpful to search keywords using Semrush Keyword Magic tool. Select the country you want and click “Search” for your search query.

What are the benefits of SEO content writing?

In today’s world, businesses need effective SEO copywriting for online success. With most customers searching for products and services online, showing up on Google is critical. Your website risks being abandoned in favor of your competitors without strong online visibility. However, achieving this requires striking a balance between engaging, persuasive writing and relevant keyword optimization that catches the algorithm’s eye. So keep this critical challenge in mind, and watch your online presence soar!

First Find Questions People May Ask

The primary goal of searching for information is to find helpful content for consumers. Google recognizes this and continues to promote the “People Asking” block feature, which allows users to locate information on their platform quickly. This feature lets you see the questions people are asking, so if you create website content, it’s essential to address your customers’ most frequently asked questions.

Use SEO Copywriting to Get More Traffic to Ecommerce Product and Category Pages

Amazon’s dominating search engine position makes ranking for small online retailers difficult. However, small online shops still beat the odds. Is there a secret that can be learned here?

To gain an edge over your competitors, the company emphasizes identifying and using often overlooked keywords. For instance, if you run an online store specializing in pet supplies, you can search for “dog food online” on Amazon without hitting the search button. This way, Amazon will display the most commonly used keywords in this category and suggestions from Google Suggest. By leveraging these top-performing keywords in your content writing, you can improve your chances of being discovered by potential customers.

Persuasive Writing of Web Content

Throughout the past century, the most coveted abilities for advertisers and marketers alike have been the art of crafting persuasive subject lines and product/service descriptions. However, content that successfully persuades human readers might not have the same effect on search engines. Effective SEO copywriting requires a strong human connection, not just research on keywords.

Some Copywriting Examples

Here are five persuasive headlines to convince dog owners to buy more [brand name] dog food:

  1. “Give your furry best friend the gift of good health with [brand name] dog food”
  2. “Unlock your dog’s full potential with [brand name] premium dog food”
  3. “Upgrade your dog’s mealtime with [brand name] – the dog food that dogs actually love”
  4. “Transform your dog’s life with the power of [brand name] dog food”
  5. “Say goodbye to picky eaters and hello to a happier, healthier dog with [brand name] dog food”

These headlines connect with dog owners’ different emotions and values for their pets, such as good health, potential, love, transformation, and happiness. Additionally, each headline highlights the unique selling points of [brand name] dog food, including its premium quality, delicious taste, and transformative benefits. By using concise language and encouraging action from the reader, these headlines will grab the attention of dog owners and convince them to give [brand name] dog food a try!

While we were sure to use the keyword “dog food” in each headline, we made sure that it also passed muster with human readers that only want the best for their furry family members.

Feeling Overwhelmed?

We understand that juggling multiple tasks can be overwhelming. However, there’s no need to worry. Even if you’re not optimizing your website copy perfectly, your efforts can still be beneficial. For instance, a compelling blog post could inspire a reader to visit your retail store or give you a call. It’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is to boost engagement and sales rather than strive for perfection as a content writer.

An alternative would be for you to hire a professional SEO copywriter. The average salary of a professional SEO copywriter is $49,000/year. Your needs may not require a full-time writer, but you may be able to contract with an agency like Bash Foo to write content for you.

You could also see if you can find a freelance writer that is looking for work. Prepare to pay about $85-$150 for a single 2,500 word, search-optimized, well-researched blog article. Shorter articles with long tail keywords may be more effective for your site than long-form articles for your target audience. Test out lengths and levels of complexity when writing content.

Following some of these great SEO copy writing rules of the road will aid in your ability to reach your audience dependably each time.

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Technology and the internet have undeniably transformed our world. It has revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and even access information. However, such rapid growth in technology and internet companies pose ethical dilemmas that American politicians must confront while developing policies, laws, or regulations for these companies.

Troublesome to note is the low level of knowledge these legislators have when it comes to technology. With the 118th Congress median age in the Senate being 65.3, no wonder those committee members are asking daft questions of the leaders of high-tech companies like Google and Facebook.

“He knows nothing; and he thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.” ― George Bernard Shaw, Major Barbara

Regulating these giant conglomerates is no simple task. The question of where to draw boundaries for these companies has never been more pressing. At least four areas need regulation: safety, privacy, competition, and honesty. Only by coordinating action across all four areas will it be possible to hold these high-tech and internet companies accountable.

The Pew Research Center found that 56% of Americans support more government regulation, and a majority say these firms should be subject to at least as much regulation as other companies. But what are the potential benefits and drawbacks of regulating high-tech and internet companies?

Benefits of Regulation

On one hand, regulating these companies can prevent monopolies, deter anti-competitive behavior, and protect users’ privacy and safety. Regulation can also ensure ethical standards and prevent the exploitation of consumers. It is necessary for companies to operate in such a way that the potential benefits reach every consumer equally.

Problems with Regulation

On the other hand, overregulation could stifle innovation and kill smaller startups. It could also create an uneven playing field, where established companies have the upper hand, reducing the possibility of fair competition. Companies could also leave America in search of more relaxed environmental and labor regulations, thus resulting in revenue and job losses.

Governments must strike a balance between regulating the industry and stimulating innovation. European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a key example of a comprehensive regulatory policy with clear guidelines on data privacy. GDPR’s implementation ensures that users’ rights are not trampled upon while maintaining a code of ethics for companies. American politicians must look towards such policies while developing their own.

Moreover, capitalism and governance in a rapidly evolving technological age have ethical considerations for private companies holding immense power over society. The unbalance of power and the disregard for ethical limitations by companies in this space must be addressed comprehensively.

In conclusion, regulating high-tech and internet companies is a delicate dance with significant stakes not only for the American economy but society as a whole. It is imperative that policies, laws, or regulations are comprehensive, specific, and empathic toward the needs of every user involved. While respecting the right of companies to innovate, American politicians must ensure that every citizen is protected and presented with equal opportunities to access emerging technological advancements.


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If you’re planning to advertise your business online, using Google Ads is a great investment. In fact, it’s such a great investment, we have two full-time Google Ads experts!

However, before you get started, it’s essential to understand the fundamentals of PPC or Pay per Click Advertising. So, what are Google Ads?

Successful digital advertising campaigns require careful planning, optimization, and consistent monitoring. For new advertisers, it’s essential to understand that achieving leads is not always easy at first. Patience and a willingness to adjust your strategy as you learn is key. Here are some fundamental best practices and common pitfalls to avoid when using Google Ads:


Simply put, Google Ads is an online advertising platform where advertisers pay each time a user clicks on their ads. It’s a highly targeted advertising option that allows businesses to reach their desired audience on both Google Search and other Google platforms, such as YouTube.

Metrics for Success:

There are various metrics to consider when monitoring the success of your advertising campaigns. Here are some essential metrics:

Monitoring these metrics based on your business goals is an essential step in maximizing your advertising strategies.

Key Best Practices:

To ensure your Google Ads campaigns are successful, keep in mind the following do’s and don’ts:



Optimizing Your Campaign:

To optimize your Google Ads campaign, focus on the following:

Emphasizing ROI:

Finally, it’s essential to track and quantify your advertising return on investment (ROI). A well-crafted ad with a high click-through rate may not necessarily be profitable. Keep track of your ad spend and continually adjust your campaign to generate more leads that convert to sales.

In conclusion, advertising with Google Ads is undoubtedly a valuable tool for businesses. However, it does require careful planning, monitoring, and optimization to be successful. By targeting the right audience, writing great ad copy, and monitoring the results, businesses can create effective advertising campaigns with Google Ads.


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Sales enablement services can be a powerful tool for businesses looking to maximize their ROI. So far this year, 70% of our revenues were from customers who were seeking help implementing sales enablement services within their organizations.

Here are ten tips to help you take advantage of sales enablement services and maximize your company’s profit:

Automate Your Processes – Automation allows your sales team to focus on what they do best – close deals. Automating common processes like customer onboarding can save time and resources, allowing your team to focus on more critical tasks.

Personalize Your Customer Experience – No two customers are the same. Providing them with a personalized experience creates a feeling of connection that can set you apart from competitors. Utilize sales enablement tools to ensure every customer has a unique experience tailored just for them.

Use Data-Driven Insights – Gain a better understanding of customer needs using data-driven insights from sales enablement tools. This will help you tailor your sales approach and customize solutions based on customer preferences.

Create Reusable Content – Maximize content efficiency by creating reusable content templates that you can quickly customize when needed. This will make it easier for you to deploy consistent messaging across multiple channels while saving time in the process.

Optimize Lead Management – Streamline lead management by utilizing automation tools and integrating platforms like CRM into your workflow to get leads faster and make better-qualified decisions faster.

Leverage AI Technology – AI technologies like Natural Language Processing (NLP) will allow you to provide more efficient support and respond quickly to customer inquiries without manual intervention from your team members.

Invest in Training Resources – Equip your sales team with the knowledge they need to be successful by investing in training materials such as ebooks, white papers, webinars, etc., to keep their skills up-to-date and efficient at closing deals faster than ever before!

Analyze Performance Metrics – Keep an eye on performance metrics such as conversion rates or average sale values so you can adjust strategies if results don’t meet expectations and ensure maximum ROI for each marketing campaign or initiative undertaken by the team.
Utilize Analytics Tools – Take advantage of analytics tools available through popular platforms like Google Analytics or Adobe Analytics, which will provide invaluable information about user behavior and other metrics related to performance optimization measures that should be implemented within your organization to achieve better results over time.

Be Reactive – Monitor changes in consumer trends closely so that you can modify existing campaigns or launch new ones quickly based on market conditions to remain competitive and increase profitability at any given moment!

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Make Sure Your Client Understands the Report

Ultimately, it matters most when evaluating a website for search engine optimization.

Your backlinks are precious to you, and you may have spent many hours enhancing the on-page quality rank for the website. But the client isn’t an SEO expert, so ensure that you describe how keyword optimization works with simple words. It should always be done using Einstein’s method – imagine how it is explained to a child of five!

Website Speed Performance Report

The website speed performance report can be the easiest place to start. You can quickly take something arbitrary and ethereal (like SEO) and make it empirical by explaining how site speed affects website visitation, experience, flow, and conversion.

Leveraging data like page visits, bounce rates, average load time, and page loading speed helps you pinpoint areas that need enhancement. This allows for faster diagnosis of website velocity issues, which is crucial to optimization success. With these insights, optimizing your web pages is easier than ever! It also is crucial if your marketing team or agency is running a marketing automation campaign to laser-target prospects.

It helps ensure your client understands why faster loading speeds result in better user experience, such as faster page load times, reduced bounce rates, and improved conversion.

By explaining the importance of website speed in terms of SEO, you can affirm that your client understands why optimization is necessary.

We like pulling reports from GTMetrix. They allow the user to select what part of the country the site visitor is coming from and how fast their internet speed is. This allows an apples-to-apples comparison of data over time.

While Google provides speed data within Google Analytics reporting, their mobile speeds are pegged at phones on older, slower networks like LTE and slower. With 5G, visitors to your website receive an exponentially quicker experience than what Google may lead you to believe. Don’t be fooled by inaccurate perceptions of a “dog-slow” user journey!

Let’s Talk About Google Analytics

As partners with Google, we certainly won’t be speaking ill of the tech giant. But… Google Analytics is not an excellent tool for displaying search analytics. We like reports to display information that allows for actionable results to occur. If you walk away from viewing Google Analytics without envisioning ten new ways to optimize the user experience on your website, it’s not a good reporting tool. A well-crafted report should provide accurate data that empowers business decision-makers to make strategic decisions.

Some Best-of-Breed SEO Reporting Tools

1. Moz – Providing far more insight than Google Analytics, Moz offers a wide range of SEO reporting tools, from keyword research to website analytics and link-building reports. It also offers competitive analysis, which means you can compare your site’s performance against the top competitors in your industry.

2. SEMRush – This SEO report tool provides detailed website audit reports, including on-page and off-page SEO analyses. It also has a keyword research tool that helps you find the right keywords for your website.

3. Ahrefs – This comprehensive SEO SEO report platform offers in-depth backlink analysis, site audit reports, keyword research tools, and other reporting capabilities. Its wide range of features makes it perfect for larger companies.

4. Google Search Console – This essential tool from Google provides detailed information about a website’s performance in the SERPs and other search engine results pages. It also offers insights into how your site appears in organic searches and which queries it ranks for.

Make Sure You Include Charts and Graphs

Visuals like charts, graphs, and month-over-month analyses are essential when creating comprehensive SEO client reports. After all, seeing is believing! These visuals help clients quickly grasp trends and patterns in the data, allowing them to leverage it for their benefit promptly. Moreover, a detailed SEO report with attractive visuals can greatly impress potential business partners during presentations – so make sure you include plenty of eye-catching graphics if you want your SEO client reports to be as effective as possible. We like to say, “if you don’t see lots of green arrows, we aren’t doing our job”.

In Conclusion

With the right SEO report, you can show your clients that their SEO efforts are paying off and that their website is achieving higher keyword rankings and organic traffic. Tools like Google Search Console can provide detailed insights into how users interact with a website, while other best-of-breed reporting tools such as Moz and Ahrefs can help you optimize your website for better performance. By combining the right data with visually appealing charts and graphs, you can ensure that your SEO client reports stand out and make a lasting impression.

So start cracking the code to perfect SEO client reporting today – your clients will thank you! Got any questions? Let us know!

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Our On-Page SEO checklist shows you on-page factors to help a website get higher rankings on search engines. And for help on the next step in SEO… we’ll help you with the complete checklist for SEO below.

Is obtaining more business and revenue worth learning a few new things? We certainly think so. That’s why the Bash Foo team is a certified Google Agency.

SEO basics checklist

Here are some basics…

• Perform keyword research to identify your prospective customers’ keywords to find you.

• Make sure that the content on each page is relevant to the keyword you are targeting.

• Include meta tags such as page titles, descriptions, and headings (H1, H2, H3).

• Optimize your page load speed by leveraging browser caching and compressing images.

• Are you using video or image alt tags to help your site structure?

• Make sure the content is original, well-written, and high-quality.


Install and Configure an SEO Plugin (If You’re Using WordPress)

If you’re using WordPress, installing and configuring an SEO plugin is important. This will help optimize your website for search engine rankings and ensure that technical search engine optimization tasks, such as creating robot.html and XML web sitemaps, are correctly completed. Popular SEO plugins include The Writer Assistant, which can be found in WordPress.

These plugins often include features such as keyword research to identify your prospective customers’ keywords, meta tags, page loading speed optimization, video and images alt tags, originality of content, and more. With the right plugin in place, you’ll be sure to have all the necessary elements for successful SEO in 2023.

Which tools to use for performing keyword research?

Choosing the right domain name and accurately describing the website is essential for SEO keyword research. Here are the top 5 SEO keyword research tools:

Google Keyword Planner:

Moz Keyword Explorer:




Use an SEO-Friendly URL Structure

The URL structure of the URL helps Google crawl your site more efficiently. First, do not include an underscore. Then, ensure that the URL is as brief as possible. If you are using WordPress, be sure to use Permalinks to create “friendly” URLs.

Title tag character length

The ideal length of titles is 50-60 words.

Make sure your site loads fast

The page speed of your website is an essential part of ranking well in search engines since 2010. A slow-loading page can be frustrating for users, thus decreasing the chances of them finding your content.

To help improve this, use tools such as GTMetrix to check the loading speed of each page on your site. Additionally, you can do a site audit with the Site Audit tool to identify any slow pages on your website, which are highlighted in the Performance Report. Making sure your site loads quickly is essential for successful SEO in 2023.

Make sure your website is accessible at one domain

It is essential to ensure that your website is only accessible at one domain to maximize the SEO value of your site. This ensures that all search engine traffic goes to one website, making it easier for users to find and interact with your content.

Additionally, having a single domain helps avoid duplicate content issues, which can lead to lower rankings in search engine results. Having one domain also helps to ensure that your website is appropriately indexed by search engines, which can lead to higher visibility and more significant traffic.

Find and Fix Keyword Cannibalization Issues

Keyword cannibalization is when two or more pages within a website target the same keyword. This can lead to confusion among search engines regarding which page should rank for that keyword, resulting in lower-than-expected rankings and less organic traffic.

To find if there are any keyword cannibalization problems on your site, you can use tools such as SEMRush or Ahrefs. These will help identify duplicate content and tell you which pages use the same target keywords. Once you have identified any issues, you need to fix them. You can do this by either merging multiple pages into one or by adding canonical tags to show search engines where the source of information is located.

Set Up Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Search Console is an effective tool for monitoring and troubleshooting website performance in Google search results. It provides insights into how your site is performing, including errors and crawl issues, as well as how often it appears in searches on the web.

Additionally, it helps identify which keywords are driving traffic to your website. Bing Webmaster Tools is similar to Google Search Console but specifically tailored for optimizing a website’s presence in Bing search engine results.

All major search engines have their own webmaster tools that can help improve SEO rankings in 2023 by providing detailed analytics and data about a website’s performance and visibility across different engines. They also provide resources to help optimize a website on both desktop and mobile devices.

Find and Fix HTTP Links on HTTPS Pages

Insecure websites moved on from HTTP to HTTPS years ago and are never coming back. Businesses understand the value of protecting their customer’s security, and website visitors want their personal information protected. They will not visit or shop at insecure sites. Also, Google will penalize your site for loading as HTTP.

Which tools to use for optimizing page URLs?

Optimizing page URLs is integral to improving your website’s SEO in 2023. Several tools can help with this process, such as Screaming Frog and DeepCrawl. These tools identify issues with existing URLs and allow you to customize them according to best practice standards.

Additionally, they provide suggestions on how to improve them for higher rankings in search engine results. They also offer detailed reports which help you analyze the performance of each URL and make necessary improvements if required.

Other helpful tools include Google Search Console and Bing Webmaster Tools, which provide insight into how your pages perform in search results and suggest possible optimizations. Using these tools, businesses can ensure their websites are correctly indexed by search engines.

You may want to check your technical site health before starting on content. Why? Much like setting up webmaster tools allows you to monitor your site’s performance, technical SEO ensures your site can be crawled and indexed. Without this, it would be challenging to rank for anything!

A website owner would want to check the technical site health before optimizing content because it is essential for search engine crawlers and bots to be able to find and index their web pages. If a website has technical issues such as broken links, duplicate content, or loading errors, these can prevent crawlers from finding and indexing pages correctly. This can lead to decreased visibility in search engine results, directly impacting organic traffic.

Additionally, if page titles and meta descriptions are not optimized properly, this can affect rankings.

Therefore, checking the technical health of a website is essential before any SEO optimization begins, as it ensures that search engines can crawl and index web pages correctly.

Ensure Your Site’s Content Is Up to Date

When a website visitor visits a site that has not been updated in a long time, they are likely to be unimpressed and may even choose to leave the site. This is because outdated content can be visually unappealing and often contains broken links or outdated information, leading to confusion.

Additionally, if the website does not appear professional, it implies that the business does not care about providing the best experience for its customers.

Search engines also downgrade websites with outdated content, making them less relevant for users searching for up-to-date information. Therefore, businesses should regularly update their content to maintain high rankings in search engine results.

Internal linking best practices

There are a number of WordPress plugins that can help website owners provide better internal linking.

Yoast SEO: This plugin helps optimize URLs and guides how to use keywords in internal links. It also creates a sitemap that makes it easier for search engine crawlers to find pages on the site and allows users to set up redirects for broken links.

Link Whisper: This plugin helps website owners identify potential internal linking opportunities and breaks down the link juice on each page, making it easier to optimize internal links. It also allows users to create custom text-based URLs that are more SEO-friendly than the default WordPress URLs.

WP Link Status: This plugin provides an overview of all internal links on the site and allows users to identify broken or redirecting links quickly. It also helps find orphaned pages not linked to any other page, which can hurt SEO.

Which tools to use for designing a mobile-friendly website?

A mobile-friendly website is essential in today’s digital world since more people use their mobile devices to search for products and services than ever before.

An SEO expert at Bash Foo says, “Over 60% of all web searches are now conducted on mobile phones, so optimizing a website for mobile use is no longer optional. It has become essential for providing a great user experience and maintaining visibility in search engine results”.

Which tools to use for creating unique title tags and meta descriptions?

1. Yoast SEO: This plugin helps optimize URLs and provides guidance on using keywords in title tags and meta descriptions. It also generates an XML sitemap, making it easier for search engine crawlers to find pages on the site, while its custom fields feature allows users to add unique titles and descriptions to each page.

2. SEO Squirrly: This plugin helps create SEO-friendly titles and meta descriptions by suggesting the best keywords based on user search preferences. It also offers an image optimization feature that allows users to add ALT tags to images for improved visibility in search engine results.

3. All-in-One SEO Pack: This plugin automatically generates titles and meta descriptions based on the content of a page, while its advanced settings allow users to customize title tags and meta descriptions. It also offers an XML sitemap feature which helps search engine crawlers find pages on the site more easily.

How do I find SEO keywords for my website

Finding SEO keywords for your website is essential in optimizing it for search engine results. It involves the process of researching and selecting relevant keywords to use on your pages, as well as analyzing keyword trends to identify emerging opportunities.

Tools such as Google Keyword Planner, SEMRush, KWFinder, and Ahrefs can help with this process by providing keyword suggestions and data on search trends.

Additionally, website owners should pay attention to the keywords their competitors are using to gain a competitive edge. Finally, it is essential to prioritize long-tail keywords as these tend to have higher search volumes and less competition than shorter ones.

Off-Page SEO & Link Building Checklist

Hiring an agency to provide your off-page SEO and link-building services can be beneficial in many ways. An experienced agency will have the knowledge and expertise to optimize a website for search engine visibility and create quality backlinks that increase referral traffic.

They also understand the importance of staying up-to-date with the latest algorithms and ranking factors to keep the website visible in search engine results.

Furthermore, an agency can save you time and effort as they can identify the most effective strategies quickly and execute them efficiently. Ultimately, a good SEO agency will help your website get more traffic and higher rankings, resulting in improved visibility for your business online.

Which tools to use for setting up a Google My Business profile?

Google My Business is a great tool to help businesses reach customers online. Setting up a Google My Business profile can be done quickly and easily, allowing business owners to create an informative page about their business that appears in search engine results. To do this, users can utilize tools such as the Google My Business website or app, which allows them to add information such as business hours, photos, and contact information.

Businesses can also use third-party tools such as Moz Local, SE Ranking, and Yext to manage their Google My Business profiles more effectively.

These tools make it easier to track rankings and reviews, create accurate listings across multiple sites, and monitor changes in search engine algorithms. You’ll find that marketing agencies like Bash Foo can do this very efficiently.

Why write compelling Title Tags?

Title tags are crucial to any website, as they let search engines know what your page is about. Writing compelling title tags can help attract more visitors to your site, as they will appear prominently in search engine results and give users an idea of the content that awaits them. Title tags should be unique and descriptive so that they stand out.

Break things up with images

add photos to seo optimize your website

Since this article is supposed to be a list, we didn’t pepper the article with photos; however, adding photos is never bad for SEO.

We recommend pictures as they help solve problems, break down the text, and aid visual recognition. Do not simply put pictures into your web pages willy-nilly. Ensure you create and identify images that enhance the readers’ experience. Typically we use graphs, charting, and images to illustrate the point.

Add internal links

Internal links allow search engines to see what you’re referring to. Then it helps Google and others navigate your website. It’s already been covered how important it is for content to include links to external sources.

If you’re adding a link to other pages, you should add a link to them. Find links in your website that can be found using external links.


In conclusion, this ultimate on-page SEO Checklist will help you increase your website’s rankings in the search engine results pages.

Utilize the recommended tools and strategies to optimize your website for maximum visibility in SERPs and get more traffic to your business online.

If you need help setting up a Google My Business profile or have any other questions, contact Bash Foo at 937-912-4519 or We’re here to help you get the most out of your website and increase your visibility online. Good luck!

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Are you ready to take your copywriting game up a notch? AI-generated copy is the way of the future, so it’s time to get ahead of the curve with these top 10 AI Commands.

Top 10 Most Popular Chat GPT Commands

  1. gpt train: trains a GPT model on a dataset Source
  2. gpt generate: generates text using a pre-trained GPT model Source
  3. gpt eval: evaluates the performance of a pre-trained GPT model Source
  4. use ChatGPT as a Linux Terminal: use the AI chatbot to run commands in Linux Source
  5. debug code: debug code using the AI chatbot Source
  6. write code: write code using the AI chatbot Source
  7. play tic tac toe: play tic tac toe with the AI chatbot Source
  8. explain things: ask the AI chatbot to explain concepts and ideas Source

ChatGPT is More Than Just Code it’s Copy

AI-generated copy is compelling. It can provide marketing teams with various options tested and proven to engage customers in ways traditional copywriting simply cannot. This type of content takes seconds to generate and can be used for all campaigns, including email blasts, social media posts, and websites.

With ChatGPT, you can access a wide range of features that make creating compelling sales copy more effortless than ever before. Here are just some of the top AI commands you can use to create amazing content:

1. Generate headlines – ChatGPT’s headline generator can quickly create a range of potential titles that will make your customers notice.

2. Create product descriptions – Using natural language processing, you can craft product copy that accurately reflects the quality and value of each item.

3. Write persuasive sales copy – From case studies to promotional emails, ChatGPT makes it easy to write compelling sales copy that resonates with your target audience.

4. Automatically generate blog posts – No more spending hours trying to come up with topics! With ChatGPT’s automated blog post generator, you can create compelling content in no time.

5. Create persuasive ad copy – AI-generated copy provides an efficient way to write powerful ad text that will stand out from the competition and attract more customers.

6. Generate product reviews – ChatGPT makes it easy to quickly generate genuine product reviews for your online store with just a few clicks of the mouse.

7. Automatically create email templates – You can use AI-powered technology to quickly create personalized email templates that will engage any audience.

8. Write FAQs – ChatGPT’s natural language processing features make it easy to create comprehensive FAQs that answer customer questions in detail.

9. Generate social media posts – Writing engaging posts for all your social media accounts can be a tedious task. Still, ChatGPT makes it easy to generate content that captures your followers’ attention in no time.

10. Automatically create website copy – Whether you’re looking to craft compelling home page copy or write meta descriptions for individual pages, AI-generated copy is the way to go!

Find Out More

These are just some unique features you can use with ChatGPT. For more information on all its capabilities, check out its official website here OpenAI.

AI-generated copy is quickly becoming an essential part of any successful marketing strategy, and it has the potential to revolutionize how businesses create content. As Marc Benioff, founder, and CEO of Salesforce, put it: “AI will be the most important technology that any company will have to master in order to succeed.”

Chris Voss, former FBI hostage negotiator and author of Never Split the Difference, also speaks highly of AI-generated copy, saying: “Understanding how AI can write better than humans is essential for staying ahead of your competition.”

From generating headlines to crafting blog posts and email templates, ChatGPT provides a range of features that make creating unique content more effortless than ever before. So if you’re looking to take your copywriting game up a notch with AI-generated copy, these top 25 AI commands are the perfect place to start.

Try it out today and see what a difference ChatGPT can make in your content creation process!

Good luck! :)

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Are you looking for ways to increase sales productivity and get ahead of your competitors? Then sales enablement strategies and tools are a must! Sales enablement helps sales teams improve sales performance by providing them with essential training, coaching, customer relationship management (CRM) software, sales playbooks, and technology solutions. In this blog, we’ll explore the top sales enablement strategies and tools that can help you get ahead in sales! Read on to learn more.

Sales Strategies that Work

Training & Coaching – Providing sales teams with training and coaching sessions can help improve sales performance and sales processes. Through these sessions, sales reps can learn about the latest sales techniques and best practices that will help them close more deals and increase sales productivity.

CRM Software – Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is essential for sales teams to manage customer relationships and track sales activities. It also helps sales staff keep up with sales leads and customer data.

Sales Playbooks – Sales playbooks provide sales teams with step-by-step instructions on executing sales processes, helping them close more deals faster.

Technology Solutions – Implementing technology solutions such as AI-powered chatbots or sales automation tools can help streamline sales.

Top Three CRM’s: Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Hubspot

When it comes to sales enablement, the right CRM software is essential for sales teams to manage their customer relationships and track sales activities. Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Hubspot are some of the top CRM solutions. All three offer a range of features to help sales teams close more deals faster.

Pipedrive offers an intuitive visual sales pipeline that sales reps can use to stay organized and keep track of sales opportunities. It also provides automated email campaigns and a mobile app so sales reps can access their data on the go.

Salesforce is another excellent option that helps sales teams close more deals by providing them with powerful insights into customer behavior and sales performance. Its AI-powered analytics and sales performance reports can help sales reps increase productivity. It is the trusted solution of most large sales organizations.

Finally, Hubspot is ideal for sales teams looking to streamline their sales process with automation tools like sales playbooks and chatbots. It also offers an intuitive interface that sales reps can use to access customer data and track sales activities quickly.

Overall, these top CRM solutions can provide sales teams with the tools they need to be successful in sales and increase sales productivity. So if you’re looking for ways to get ahead of your competitors, consider investing in one of these CRMs today!

Personalizing the Sales Message

Personalized sales messages are essential for sales teams to build meaningful customer relationships. Collecting contacts and building sales databases is the first step if you intend to send these personalized messages to your prospects.

Once you have your contact list, you can use sales automation tools like email outreach software to write highly personalized messages that resonate with your target audience. This will help sales reps start conversations quickly and make it easier to convert leads into sales.

When writing sales emails, sales reps should consider adding value by addressing customer pain points and providing helpful answers to their questions. Ensure your message is tailored specifically for each contact to show them that you understand their needs and make them more likely to respond positively.

Engage Quickly – Or Lose Out

Sales reps must engage quickly with prospects to capture their attention and not lose the lead’s interest. To do this, sales reps should use sales automation tools like chatbots and sales playbooks that can help them respond quickly to customer inquiries.

Chatbots are an excellent way to answer simple questions quickly and direct customers toward a sales representative if they need more help. They allow sales teams to connect with leads faster and save time by automatically responding to customer inquiries.

Sales playbooks are also very useful for sales teams as they provide step-by-step instructions on how sales reps should handle different scenarios. With sales playbooks, sales reps can ensure that every interaction is consistent and provide sales prospects with the best experience possible.

In Conclusion

Selecting the right CRM and sales automation tools is essential for sales teams to maximize their sales productivity. Pipedrive, Salesforce, and Hubspot are three of the top CRM solutions that can provide sales teams with the features they need to close more deals faster.

Once your contacts are sorted and segmented, write highly personalized sales messages that address customer pain points and provide helpful answers. This will help sales reps quickly start meaningful conversations with prospects and keep their interest alive.

Finally, sales automation tools like chatbots and sales playbooks can help sales teams engage with leads faster and not miss any opportunity for a sale. With the right CRM and sales automation tools, sales teams can increase sales productivity and stay ahead of competitors.

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When it comes to search engine optimization (SEO), the same old tips and tricks can start to feel stale. But don’t worry, we here at Bash Foo have a few fresh takes on traditional SEO advice that will get you back on top of your game! Let’s take a look at some new ways to take advantage of SEO.

Focus on Quality Over Quantity

It used to be that more content was better, but with Google’s algorithms becoming increasingly sophisticated, quality is now key. Focus on writing high-quality content with up-to-date information and keywords that are relevant to your industry. This way you can make sure that your customers will find what they need without having to wade through irrelevant content.

Optimize for Mobile

With mobile usage continuing to rise, it’s important for businesses to optimize their websites for mobile devices as well as desktop computers. Make sure that your website loads quickly across all platforms and use responsive design techniques so that the layout looks good regardless of device. This will help ensure that users have a positive experience when visiting your site, which can lead to increased engagement and conversions.

Update Your Content Regularly

Search engines love fresh content, so it’s important to update your website regularly with new posts and updates. Additionally, regularly updating your website ensures that it remains relevant and up-to-date in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Not only will this help you stay ahead of the competition, but it also helps boost search engine rankings because the search engine algorithms recognize active sites as being more valuable than those that are stagnant or outdated.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to enhance and refresh your SEO strategy! By focusing on quality content, optimizing for mobile devices, and keeping your website updated with fresh content, you can make sure that your business stays one step ahead in the digital world. With these tips from the pros at Bash Foo under your belt, you’ll be well-positioned for success!