What is B2B Account Based Marketing?

You may have a list that you provide a barrage of emails and newsletters to during the year all in the hope that one of them bites. B2B Account-Based Marketing (or ABM for short) is the approach of first identifying the accounts you WANT to have as your clients, and then executing a very specific set of campaigns.

What is Account Based Marketing?

Account based marketing companies encourage clients to consider the following criteria to build their account list.

  1. What industries do you do well in supporting? Or what industries do you want to “break into”?
  2. What size of business do you do well in supporting? (i.e. between $2M and $15M in revenue or < 200 employees)
  3. Is geography a factor in the sales process? (i.e. are you most likely to sell to companies within a certain radius?)
  4. What roles do your contacts fulfill within the accounts specified? CEO? CMO? Product Engineering? Facilities Manager?

Now, you should have a list of up to maybe 50 different companies you’d like to target based on this specific criterion. You may have their company URL, or possibly just their SIC code. Armed with this information, Bash Foo data analysts will perform the following tasks.

  1. All data provided to our clients is tele-verified. We will make calls to these contacts on your behalf to make certain that our information about them is correct, and that should you call, email or send a mailing to these individuals, that they will receive it.
  2. No matter what condition your data may be in, account-based marketing companies can append, correct, and cleanse it to meet your requirements.
  3. Your contacts will be provided to you in Excel/CSV format so that they may be easily imported into the marketing automation software of your choice.

Seeking More Information about B2B Account Based Marketing?

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Quality vs. Quantity

Your lists of contacts are special because they are most specifically, the prospects you’d like to do business with. It is because of that we believe that you should have the best and most complete index of data about them. This allows you to segment your list and reach out to them in very meaningful ways.

What else makes Bash Foo ABM unique?

  1. 30-Day replacement guarantee. We will guarantee the validity of each contact for a period of 30-days after delivery of the list. For example, should the CMO of the company change, we will provide another similar contact as a replacement for the one no longer in charge.
  2. For data append, data cleansing, and list building services, we will only charge for contacts that we can fulfill for you. If we fail to provide the information you need, you don’t pay.
  3. Use data we have mined, or provide us with your fragmented data to assemble and enrich.

How to get started?

If you’ve decided that cold calling and mass emailing for your organization should be replaced with laser-targeting of prospect accounts, please call us to discuss. We’d love to get you better leads, which close more swiftly. Account-Based Marketing. It’s what we do best.