About Bash Foo

Who are some of our previous clients?
We have supported clients and brands both big and small. The American Automobile Association (AAA) trusts Bash Foo to build their membership renewals and sales. We have represented political candidates in national, state and local races. As for small clients, we have built lead generating sites for coffee shops, doctors and dentists, attorneys and insurance salespeople. We’ve worked with manufacturing, shipping and warehouse, aviation, and medical services.

Will you work with me/us to set and achieve our company goals?
Yes. Every action and deliverable we have will relate back to one of your goals. It’s up to you as to how we would focus on things like site traffic, lead generation, and revenue markers.

How will you measure the success of your work?
If you are afraid of dumping thousands of dollars into a big black hole, we aren’t your agency. If you don’t want to review the reports of your marketing progress each month, we aren’t your agency. If you don’t follow up on leads that we send you, we aren’t your agency. While it can take months to test what will work and then amplify these results, we will be able to demonstrate the ROI from our marketing campaigns, as a function of your ad spends.

How much do you recommend to spend on a website? On a marketing retainer?
Every client’s needs are different, but since Bash Foo has developed over 350 websites, we can safely say that 90% of small business custom website design falls within the $3,500-$5,000 range. eCommerce sites are more than that, and if you are a company that is selling to the entire U.S. or internationally, it’s going to be north of $10K for sure. These prices are a function of the amount of time necessary for us to do our work and the level of functionality our clients obtain once they go live. Our websites are custom-designed, so we don’t use publicly available templates that “copy” the look of thousands of other sites on the web. Generally, inbound marketing retainers begin around $3,000 a month. The retainer pays for a whole slew of inbound marketing services like social media marketing, email marketing, blogging, building inbound links, and phone call tracking. Our average Inbound Marketing client retainer is $3,800/mos.

Wow, I had no idea!
We hear that a lot. Most small businesses spend less than 5% of their gross sales on marketing and advertising. However, according to Inc 5000, 4 out of 5 of the fastest-growing companies in the US currently spend in excess of 10% on their marketing and advertising. Your lack of sales growth may just be reflective of the amount of effort and resources you put towards branding and marketing your company and products/services. The difference between no or slow growth and fast growth can be a matter of just 5%.

Are you a one-stop-shop agency?
Many agencies only focus on certain strengths, like web design, or PPC ad placement. Bash Foo manages it’s clients’ interests holistically from marketing plans to web design, email campaigns, graphic design, social media, and PPC ad placement. If it’s done digitally, we have an expert that knows how to do it.

Do you offer a guarantee on your SEO services?

We are extremely confident in our ability to deliver constant upward momentum in your search terms, however, due to the competitiveness of some keywords/phrases, ongoing changes in search engine ranking algorithms, and other competitive factors, we cannot guarantee specific ranking positions for any particular keyword, phrase, or search term.

You will see progress towards the top ranking relevant search terms, and we are confident that you will be able to visibly see the results of our SEO work within 45 days of the campaign going live.

If you have not seen at least one keywords/phrases moving up the search engine rankings within 45 days, you are eligible for a full refund. You have complete peace of mind that your SEO is in good hands.

Our results speak for themselves and we can provide a variety of examples of successful campaigns.

Who would we be working with on a regular basis?
Each inbound marketing program receives a project manager that will be assigned to your account. They will manage and schedule blog articles, email campaigns, new landing page development, as well as monthly reporting. Smaller bits of work or projects will be managed by the team leaders for that area. Our team stretches across 7 different time zones so there is always someone that is available to work on your projects.

How “big” is Bash Foo
We’ve been around since 1999 designing websites and helping small businesses with their marketing. Our team is represented by 15 “Regulars” and another 14 “Occasional” project-based resources. We manage about $1.2M in client ad spends each year with relationships with over 140 clients. We are big enough to handle your biggest needs, and yet still small enough to execute project efforts with swiftness and personal care.


Do you offer flexible payment plans?
Yes. We offer two different style plans for web design. For those who “just” want a website, you can pay for it all upfront, or we can set up payment terms across a 12 month period of time. Most clients engage us and request a series of services. These are all paid for monthly. We do not require a long-term contract for any of our services. You can choose to leave at any point in time, of course, this rarely happens, so we are very happy to offer this.

Our Work

How quickly can you set up a new website for us?
Our “best time” has been within 48 hours of our initial discussion to launch a fully functioning small business website with eCommerce functionality. We certainly want to do an amazing job for you, so our average time to deliver a great website is around 5 weeks.

Can you handle working on larger projects?
Yes. We write over 30 blog articles and over 1,600 social media posts each month. We are absolutely prepared for a job that is your size.

Is Bash Foo for everybody?
No. We can’t fit within everyone’s marketing budget. If you are looking at a $500 website or $200/mos worth of Google AdWords ads, it would be better to work with a freelancer, or maybe try your hand at the work yourself using sites that offer easy templates like WIX and Squarespace. Our blog is chock full of great information for the DIY Marketer. Our “perfect customers” are those businesses that are doing great, usually have 1 person doing marketing for the company, part-time, and they need a much larger funnel of leads coming in than they do today. We can benefit those types of businesses the most.