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Branding and Campaign Construction

Define your customer, define your goals for that customer, then market and measure
Chances are you’ve heard about buyer personas. They serve as the framework upon which you can answer the question, “who is your customer?” As a business leader, you should be able to instantly identify any person in a room as one (or not one) of your buyer personas. It’s what keeps you from talking to that “guy over there” and makes you naturally gravitate to conversations that will be more fruitful to your business. We do the very same thing you do. We just are just a marketing company in Dayton Ohio and do it digitally. Our digital marketing campaigns speak in the language most easily understood by your prospects, we offer them things they know they will have an affinity for, and we track their progress against our action plans.

Copywriting and Content Development

The copy written for your website, email, and landing pages is the most important way you’ll communicate with your online prospects. Hiring Bash Foo, an advertising agency Dayton Ohio is the first start.
Take, for example, Veterinarians. They have many customers. Some own dogs, some own cats, while others own Rabbits. They learn from their intake process how old each animal is, their color and their breed. Would it make sense to blast an email or pay for digital advertising about Dog Obedience Class to those clients who only own cats and rabbits? Probably not. Indeed, the engagement rate would be low for those recipients.

content writing
digital marketing services
“B2B marketers say the #1 benefit of marketing automation is the ability to generate more and better leads.”Pepper Global, 2014

Inbound Marketing

Deliver just the right message, to just the right person, at just the right time
Inbound Marketing focuses on people who have a problem you can solve. It doesn’t waste time and energy marketing to everyone and hoping that someone out there needs your solution. And more importantly, the return on your investment is highly demonstrable.

Content is the cornerstone of any successful digital marketing strategy, and content is hard work.

You need the best marketing agency in the Dayton area because you need good content, which takes work to produce and expertise to distribute effectively. Most small business owners and CEOs don’t have time to do market research, write engaging lead pages and blog posts, analyze the data, and stay on top of marketing trends. Every marketing director we’ve worked with is already stretched way too thin. Hiring a great advertising agency is a great first start.

You’ll need a full-blown marketing department to get all that work done in-house. However, if the most you can afford is a Marketing Manager, you need Bash Foo and their Dayton SEO services.
With Bash Foo, you’ll get a whole team of highly qualified and certified people developing a cohesive strategy, executing it, analyzing it, and improving it for about the same thing you would pay one qualified marketing professional.

At Bash Foo, we have demonstrated years of successful digital marketing strategies for various clients across various verticals, challenging the search engines. We have a team of talented and experienced people providing results-oriented SEO services. Your success is our success!

Digital Marketing Automation

Epic-level support for SharpSpring, Hubspot, Marketo, amoCRM, Salesforce, Prosperworks, AutopilotHQ, Hatchbuck, Reply, ActOn, Zapier, and many others.
Inbound marketing means creating and delivering the right content to the right person at the right time. But the consistent execution of this idea does require a lot of time and effort. And this is where marketing automation software like Pipedrive, HubSpot, and others can be a game-changer.

Marketing automation helps you categorize your leads into different buyer personas and set up workflows that engage them with relevant content. It enables you to nurture your leads without having to manually track the process.

But simply signing up for and paying for marketing automation, search engine optimization,  or social media marketing software is not enough. You need to have a marketing team that understands your business. You need a team that can set up automated workflows customized for your target personas and in sync with your business goals. Our team delivers precisely this type of service for small businesses like yours. We have worked with several types of automation software and can skillfully leverage the benefits with any marketing automation software of your choice.

web design

WordPress Web Design

Responsive, retina-ready custom websites.

44% OF THE INTERNET IS RUN ON WORDPRESS. This means, should you ever decide to move on from us at any point in the future, you can take your website with you, and there’s a 100% chance that any competent web developer will be able to help you.

With over 24 years of experience in Web development, we are confident we can develop a solution that best fits your needs and, more importantly, your customers. We have Dayton SEO experts on hand to ensure your pages rank appropriately and continually monitor your website’s health and ability to rank and tie your website to our marketing services.
We understand that your website and blog are tools by which your dedicated marketing team will be able to increase your online conversions. This is why we create websites with a foundation for integrated marketing services.

Every website design and development decision we recommend – from the placement of a Contact Us button to the breakout of your industries served section – is backed up by data to support it.