bash foo entrepreneur centerWhat happens when you operate a successful digital marketing agency, but also want to work alongside a bunch of talented Dayton-area hooligans?

Well.. if you ask Mike McDermott you make some room, and you call your place of work the Bash Foo Entrepreneur Center.

Located at 140 E. Broadway Ave. in downtown Tipp City, Ohio, the entrepreneur center should be the first place a solopreneur or small business owner should investigate.

Entrepreneur Packages

#1 Just a Mailbox

Sometimes your business just needs to have a postal address that is NOT your home. You don’t need a meeting space, a phone, an office or a desk. Just a mailbox. We’ve got you covered. With packages as low as $19.99/mos, it’s less than half the price of a P.O. Box, and you can use our street address to register your Google My Business page so your business is searchable in local results.
We’ve teamed up with Anytime Mailbox, which allows you to view and manage your mail on-the-go. You no longer have to come to our office, just to discover you have an empty mailbox. Sign up online, or call us today.Click this link to learn more or get started with Just a Mailbox.

More on how Virtual Mailbox works!

#2 More than Just a Mailbox

Sometimes your business needs a postal address, but also you meet occasionally with clients at coffee shops, libraries or other public areas. It’s not a good look for you or your business. That’s why in addition to getting a virtual mailbox at the Bash Foo EC, you can also get a key to the facility, and use the conference room, printer, break room, and speakerphone for your client meetings. Schedule meetings on the Bash Foo EC calendar, and add that professional touch to your next client interaction. With packages starting at just $40/mos., hold your next meeting in style.

#3 I Also Need a Desk… occasionally

Building on the business needs of the solopreneur who needs More than Just a Mailbox is the self-starter that also needs an occasional place to work. Bash Foo has several Commuter desks with an office chair, access to power and even dock your laptop into a real monitor. This package is popular with those that are always on the go, but need a place to drop their things, get composed, knock out some work, and then get going again. With packages starting at just $200/mos. it’s a fantastic opportunity if you enjoy not being tied down.

#4 Office Space

Consider yourself a semi-permanent resident of the Bash Foo EC. You’ll get an office with a door you can lock, a desk, chair, and access to all of the facility and its many amenities. Office space rents at just $400/mos. No contract or first month’s rent held back. Utilities included (trash, gas, electric, water) Pay as you go.

Other Stuff the Entrepreneur Center is Great For

Think of the Bash Foo EC as a hive of commercial activity, with owners, salespeople, and clients coming in and out all the time, and operating pretty much at all hours. While the facility has operating hours of 8am-5pm, each small business owner has a key and can hold meetings and get work done on evenings and weekends.

How to start a business? Has that ever crossed your mind? Well, the Bash Foo EC has an in-house marketing executive, sales executive, financial manager, and attorney. You could consider the EC as a one-stop-shop for making new business happen.

bash foo entrepreneur center

“When I was getting started, there were a few things that were non-negotiable for me. The most important one was cheap rent. I knew I’d get more work done, and be more efficient if I wasn’t working in my home office. But, my levels of income just starting out didn’t afford me the opportunity to build a new building, buy an office building, or pay thousands of dollars in rent. The second thing that hampered the development of Bash Foo was the cost of ALL THE OTHER STUFF. Meaning… printers, phones, internet, chairs, desks, utilities, signs, licenses, permits, etc.

If you add everything together, running this small business costs more than running a small family, and I was trying to do BOTH!

Thankfully, in 2009 I caught a break and found an office I could rent for $200. A single, 10×10 room, second floor. Nothing fancy. But it worked. Fast forward 10 years to 2019 and Bash Foo is now the largest marketing agency in the Northern Miami Valley. Pretty awesome, right?

This is why the entrepreneur center is so important to me. Helping solopreneurs and small business owners succeed, makes me happy.”

– Mike McDermott, President of Bash Foo

We’ve Partnered with Anytime Mailbox to provide Virtual Mailbox service

bash foo entrepreneur center

  1. We take a photo of your new postal mail or package
  2. We then upload all new images to our secure AnytimeMailbox portal
  3. You are alerted by text when new mail arrives. It can be viewed and managed using your mobile device, or computer
  4. We can easily manage your mail handling requests. All you need is a connection to the Internet