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About Bash Foo

It’s What We Do

We’re a reliable and affordable digital marketing agency poised in your corner.

Bash Foo is your Creative Brand Provocateur™, dedicated to building your online reputation through search engine optimization, digital marketing, and creative web design.

While tucked in the heart of a small Midwestern town (Tipp City, Ohio), Bash Foo is catalyzed by a development and marketing team that truly spans the globe. Pooling the best WordPress development and inbound agency talent, Bash Foo is home to some of the sharpest marketing and media minds.

Bash Foo wants to be a useful tool in your arsenal of awesome. Contact us today to find out how to engage.

Inbound Marketing Strategy

Why We’re Special


“After 19 years in the digital marketing industry, we only stick with the best: best solutions, best tools, and best inbound agency talent.” – Mike McDermott


We customize marketing solutions to directly fit your needs. No templates, shortcuts, or one-size-fits-all solutioning.


We support our clients and we support what we sell. No hidden costs, lame excuses or broken promises.


We pride ourselves on a unique combination of creativity and business savvy that will help your business stand out.

Start Your Career with Us

Skilled in PHP, CSS, and Javascript? We want to talk to you.

We’re looking for WordPress aficionados interested in both development and site maintenance.

Have a way with words? Join our team.

Our clients need passionate writers (especially those armed with an English or Journalism degree) keen on crafting content for blog posts, landing pages, and websites.

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Bash Foo

140 E. Broadway Ave.
Tipp City, OH 45371
+1 (937) 912-4519
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