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Google Maps is undoubtedly among the most valuable tools the tech-giant Google has offered the world. When traveling to an unfamiliar place, you don’t have to resort of paper maps or ask people for directions. You simply open your Google Maps, indicate your destination, and you are good to go.

Google Maps is the most-used navigation app by mobile users. It ranks first in the US among the most popular mapping apps. In April 2018, Google Maps record 154.4 million unique users. Google Maps ranks fourth after YouTube, Facebook, and Google Search in the list of leading smartphone apps in the US. In May 2019, an estimate of 64.5% of mobile users in the US accessed Google Maps.

Google Maps is not just a navigation app; it is great for locating businesses. For instance, using Google Maps, you can find a business like a car wash, plumber, barber, or restaurant near you. As a business, Google Maps have numerous benefits for your business. You can use Google Maps advertising in your digital marketing strategy to help customers locate your business.

What is Google Maps Advertising?

Google Maps advertising refers to harnessing the power and functionality of Google Maps to make your business easier to locate. It is useful for not only large organizations but also small businesses. Today, using Google Maps will spice your marketing strategy and give you results, because nearly every person looking for services locally needs the help of Google Maps.

Benefits of Google Maps for Businesses

As the owner of your business owner, you can enlist your enterprise to be added to Google’s platform so that it is located on Google Maps. It is an easy process because you only need to provide your business details on Google My Business. This way, people searching for the name of your business or the services you offer can easily locate you.  Also, your business location is mapped for easy access. Among the benefits of Google Maps include;

  • Improve business visibility: customers can locate your business and even get directions to get there. Increased exposure for an enterprise means more revenue for the business. For instance, when a user searches for a restaurant near them, and your restaurant appears in the search results, the user visiting your restaurant increases sales.
  • Offers an online presence: Google Maps provides an excellent way for your business to get an online presence. Even if your small business lacks a website, Google Maps lets people know you and where you are located.
  • Ranking well for SEO: listing on Google Maps helps your business to rank well for SEO. It increases the likelihood of your business getting a first-page ranking on search results. Google Maps are essential in local SEO.
  • Increase competitiveness: Google Maps helps your business to stay competitive because it maps your business for all to see it.

Changes in Google Maps

Google is committed to continuous improvements of Google Maps to enhance its users’ experience. The tech giant spends much time and effort refining and improving the app to make it better. Advertising agencies recognize the importance of you getting your business found. Any feature and change that encourage people to use Google Maps are good for business because they promote brand discovery. Here are some prominent changes to Google Maps and how they help your small business.

1.     Explore Feature

Although this is not a new feature on Google Maps, an updated Explore tab will improve this feature while presenting more top options. The Explore tab allows users to search for nearby restaurants, ATMs, barbershops, and pharmacies quickly and conveniently. The restaurant, pharmacy or grocery users are looking for maybe your business.

2.     Voice actions

This is an effort to make the user interface easier to navigate. For instance, a customer can find out how long it will take to get to a business or the current traffic situation without using controls. This feature is great when customers are driving to your business because it increases their safety.

Unlike in the past, where customer experience started when a customer walks in your store, currently, things are different. Customer experience begins when a customer searches for your business and the process of getting to it. The seamless the journey to your business, the better the experience you deliver.

3.     Proximity-based Google Maps Results

Google allows for proximity-based Google maps results whereby results depend on your location. For example, if you are in Denver, Colorado and search for a plumber, you will get results of plumbers in or near Denver. The plumbers will be organized into positions based on your location. The closest to you will be given the first position. You don’t get one result of plumbers but several so that you have numerous options. If your business is listed on Google Maps and a customer near you searches for your services or products, you are given priority. Such a customer is a qualified lead who has a high likelihood of converting.

4.     Google lens, Street view Integration, and AI technology

Google lens and street view use the power of AI technology to help users get directions on where to go and decrease the probability of getting lost. AI technology guides the user on their destination and assists in choosing the best routes. Google Lens allows a user to identify street signs and landmarks.

5.     Alternative-method travelers

Not all customers will drive to your store, others will use alternative methods like cycling. Google Maps has made several changes that benefit bikers. It has elevation data for bicycle routes and bikers can compare different routes. Also, Google Maps allows your customers to connect with private drivers like Uber and Lyft. All these alternative travel methods are valuable for modern travelers.

You may be nostalgic about the old-fashioned paper maps, but they were never as useful for businesses as Google Maps today. Businesses should capitalize on the changes that Google Maps make to improve user experience and make a company’s information accurate and accessible. Importantly, enhancing your business visibility and advertising on Google Maps takes time and effort. Google Maps don’t give you the quick fix to your marketing woes but is a long term strategy that bears fruits. You must be patient if you want to reap the rewards. Contact us to learn more about digital marketing ideas that work.