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As a solopreneur, you’ve got work up to your ears and the pressure is high because you’re doing everything alone. From generating leads to retargeting, you find it hard to keep up.

To keep your solo business afloat, you must multitask and do more than one job all at once. With just one person (you) doing the marketing for your business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and maybe even a little unmotivated. That’s why it’s so important to take advantage of the many marketing tools available so that you can save time and reduce the headache from running your business alone.


There are so many things that come with running a business without the help of others. Marketing is only one of them. Allotting so much of your time to marketing can take away from the valuable moments you can be spending on other important tasks. With the below tools, you’ll not only become more organized, you’ll also be able to focus more on creativity and growth.


Email marketing involves staying in touch with prospects, building relationships with customers, promoting products and services, and providing valuable content to readers. These are so many tasks and they can be pretty overwhelming for just one person to tackle. Luckily, there’s email marketing software that can help make your life easier by automating certain email marketing tasks. Reply is the perfect solution. The platform allows you to consistently stay in contact with your leads and prospects and personalize your email campaigns.

As a business owner who wants to convert as many leads to customers as possible, you likely spend lots of time sending emails. With Reply, you can email hundreds of people in the time it usually takes you to email just a few people. This means that you can really maximize your time and take on other marketing tasks you wouldn’t normally get to in that amount of time.

Below are just a few of the features Reply has to offer:

  • Send tailored, personalized emails and follow-ups
  • Send an onboarding series to introduce new subscribers to your business
  • Re-engage inactive subscribers
  • Get stats on your email campaign performance such as deliveries, opens, and clicks
  • Get early-stage product feedback from potential customers and influencers
  • and more!


Google AdWords is a really powerful tool to launch you right into page one search results without waiting for your site to rank. But it’s super complicated for the solopreneur. As Bash Foo only takes clients who can budget $1,500 or more on ad campaigns per month, what about the solopreneur that can only budget say $200 a month? Adwords Express makes getting new leads easier and more affordable, without requiring you to study up on how to create a killer ad. It’s a smarter, automatic version of AdWords.

With AdWords Express, you just choose the category of your ad by entering a general keyword and Google automatically creates a keyword campaign based on search trends related to that category. This allows your ads to automatically show for up to thousands of keywords related to the one you entered.

Let’s say that you’re a plumber and your keyword is “emergency plumbing services”. Your ad will still show up if someone uses a related keyword such as “emergency plumber near me” or “24/7 plumber”. This gives you great flexibility with gaining exposure to your business. Once you’ve chosen a business category, written an ad, and set your budget, AdWords Express will automatically manage where and when your ads will appear.


Every solopreneur needs a social media management system. Because you have little to no help marketing your business, your valuable time is likely taken up with so many marketing tasks, including managing your company’s social media accounts. That’s where Hootsuite gets its value, by keeping track of and managing various social media channels.

Using Hootsuite, you can monitor multiple social media networks in one place. They include:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook Pages
  • LinkedIn Profiles & Pages
  • Instagram
  • WordPress blogs
  • Vimeo
  • Tumblr
  • and more!

You can even add more than one of the same network. For example, if you have more than one Facebook page or have multiple Twitter channels, you can manage them within Hootsuite. Plus, you can post on multiple channels at a time. So if you create a post and you want that post to be on other channels, you can use Hootsuite to publish them all at once. This can be very useful if you’re in a rush and need to get things done more quickly and efficiently.

Another one of Hootsuite’s many features is the weekly Social Analytics Report that contains a summary and statistics on your social campaigns. With the report, you gain insights into the number of daily clicks, geographic location of users that click through, your top referrers, and most popular links.

Overall, this tool has perennially appeared on our list of “must have’s” for those who want to monitor and keep track of their social presence, as well as schedule posts daily/weekly/monthly with finesse.


Finding the email addresses of the right prospects can be a difficult and time-consuming task to undertake on your own. Interseller is a smart email outreach tool that allows you to reach out to candidates without needing to use multiple tools at once. Switching from one tool to the next to find and manage email contacts can take up a considerable amount of time all on its own.

Using Interseller, with just one click, you can find anyone’s email address and automatically send them initial emails and follow-ups all within one platform. This can help simplify the sales process and save you lots of time.

Interseller is our favorite cold outreach tool. The Chrome add-in integrates directly with LinkedIn so that you can run a prospect search there, select the contacts you find to be most “interesting” and then add them to a list of contacts you want to either call or send one of your cold “welcome” email sequences to. It’s by far our favorite way of selecting our next client.

Taking advantage of this marketing toolkit is marketing made easier for the solopreneur. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us today.