Marketing Strategies for Small Business

small business marketing
Which one of these situations are you most familiar with?

Even though a marketing agency proposal may present itself as a monthly burden to your bottom line, an effective marketing proposal allows the advertising and marketing campaigns to be ENTIRELY SITUATIONAL.

Better said, your marketing and advertising campaigns should be constructed specifically to answer your most pressing business needs.

In fact, you are reading this passage right now because you are seeking answers on how to grow your sales and marketing funnel. You want your business to be a better performing machine, better targeting consumers and clients, and being able to return a significant amount of directly attributable revenue. You need more leads! We can help you to say “sayonara” to endlessly throwing money away on unproductive marketing and sales activities. We help small business owners stop saying silly things like “I tried marketing, and it just didn’t work.”

Don’t Worry Any Longer

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Marketing Campaign Development

Using multiple media channels to establish a dialogue and nurture new leads with a consistent message. Together we will review client needs, discuss product/service market fit, look at customer values, uncover competitive differences and establish unique selling points that can be used to inform your marketing campaigns.

  • Build buyer personas
  • Segment and nurture your target audience
  • PPC and re-targeting advertisements
  • Deliver tailored micro-sites

Website Development

With over two-thirds of the buyer journey taking place online, are you missing a massive opportunity? We believe that your website should be more than just an online business card. Highly imaginative websites full of animations and flourishes may be great branding tools, but if they don’t generate leads for your business, they are a poor investment.

  • Landing pages and micro-sites
  • Effective calls-to-action
  • User experience and buyer journey planning
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

Content Marketing

Engage, educate and persuade your target audience. If you’re stuck for ideas or don’t have the bandwidth to write content in-house, we’ll help you select, create, curate and disseminate the best assets to engage your target audience.

  • Content authoring
  • Blog posts, newsletters, and white papers
  • Video production
  • Webinars and podcasts

Marketing Automation

This is where you convert your B2B contacts into contracts. From lead generation campaigns and lead nurturing programs to day-to-day operational support, our team of marketing automation experts are here to ensure you turn your technology investment, into sales revenue.

  • Marketing automation implementation and operation
  • Lead nurturing
  • Campaign design and execution
  • Analytics and reporting