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As a small business trying to maintain a relevant online presence, you must look at your website every now and then for updates. Believe it or not, digging a little deeper to maintain an updated website that catches on with the latest trends in graphics, blogs, UX design, and digital marketing can significantly impact expected returns.

And yet, many businesses find the task of updating their website time-consuming, cumbersome, and frustrating. Well, they have good reason to think so. First, updating a website requires at least some technical know-how for updating and backup, and restoration in case things go awry.

Second, there are several key factors to remember when updating a website – a checklist – so the website feels fresh and works error-free. Be it taking care of plugins or theme updates, poor-quality or too large images, outdated user information and links, broken features, or formatting issues – there are plenty of things to keep a tab on.

While this may seem like a lot, remember that your website is the first impression the customers will have about your business. It is as important to appear organized as to look appealing and unique. In this article, we have broken down a few key reasons that go into updating your website as a small business:

Enhancing the Visual Appeal

Let’s be honest – your website is the first and most important reflection of your company’s ethos for any visitor in this digital world, much like walking into your brick-and-mortar store and judging its appearance in seconds to develop an instant emotion. The user will instantly relate to your authenticity, spirit, and culture if your website seems professional and attractive at first glance. We don’t even need to tell you how they will feel if your website is poorly designed, organized, or outmoded.

While many digital businesses start small, with time, you need to update your website’s visual appearance and organization to highlight your products and services, unify your message, and talk to the customer according to the latest trends. Get rid of outdated elements or entries and focus on revamping your website from the visitor’s point of view – new and old. For repeat customers, finding something new on the website each time they visit is preferable to repeatedly returning to the same site content.

Improving Navigation

While the website looks are undoubtedly essential, UX is much more than that. The User experience of the website focuses on the entire interaction that visitors have with it, including how simple it is to use, how quickly it loads, how simple it is to access content, and how little friction there is when visitors attempt to carry out the action they’re attempting to carry out. You might need a website update to ensure its navigation is geared toward directing the best UX as far as navigation and access are concerned.

Making Your Website Mobile-Friendly

The term “responsive web design” refers to enabling a website to adjust according to the size of the screen it is being viewed on. Someone visiting your website on a little smartphone might see the same content as someone seeing it on a laptop, etc. Many businesses make the mistake of ignoring a mobile-friendly website design early on, focusing on the desktop view. It would help if you looked at your Google analytics to see what devices your visitors are coming from. Then you can design a site catering to your most important visitors.

Improving Speed

The speed at which your website loads significantly impacts whether visitors remain or leave and never come back. Make sure to update your website, or the relevant parts, to maintain a good loading speed with image optimization, lazy loading, and other practices.

Reinforcing with Great Content

Content indeed is King because that attracts the visitor to your website first. With you having only 2 to 4 seconds to engage new visitors with your website, you might want to redesign it to communicate your content better and on-point. Make sure you focus not only on content presentation but also on its quality, relevance, and updates.

SEO and Digital Marketing Enhancement

The website plays an integral role in digital marketing efforts due to the close dependence on SEO. Small businesses like yours might need an SEO update with top-notch, relevant content using the right keywords. Google itself favors websites that actively update their content to show only the most relevant and latest answers to search queries.

Using Strategic Call to Actions

There is a high probability that your website lacks strong calls to action that can turn visitors into buyers. A call-to-action (CTA) is a button or link you add to your website to encourage potential clients to convert into leads by taking specific action on your landing page. If each landing page of your website does not have a clear CTA or is not attractive enough to hold on to the customer’s attention, your website certainly needs a quick revamp.

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We understand that the task of updating your website for any or all of the above reasons is a huge responsibility in itself. But you must agree that offloading regular website updates saves time and effort in the long run and augments your selling power immediately.

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