“Everyone that we want to sell to… are on LinkedIn”

We hear this often. LinkedIn holds a litany of professionals who network, find a new job, seek out a new employee, or read and share interesting posts and articles. You are also pretty safe to use LinkedIn at work since there isn’t the racy content you’d find on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. For many companies, LinkedIn is one of the ONLY social media networks that are not outright banned.

Because of these things, LinkedIn is a perfect place to set up your sales and marketing shop. The first thing you’ll do is find your perfect customer. Let’s say you are trying to sell to people you don’t know in Chicago, IL that hold the title of “President” or “CEO”. You’d create a LinkedIn query like this. At the time of publishing, that query generated 7,600 results. Reaching out to that list would take forever. Especially if you attempted to review their profile first, create a quirky message to send to them and ask them to connect with you first.

Bash Foo’s LinkedIn marketing automates connection requests, profile views, post and page likes, recommendations, and direct messaging and allows the recipient to receive warm replies to our work within their LinkedIn messaging system without any effort put forth by that individual. They respond to those who “want more info.”

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Profile Refresh
$500 - one time
  • Fresh Cover Image Highlighting Brand and Skills
  • Catchy By-Line Update
  • Optimized Skills
  • Review and Update Experience
  • Review and Establish Endorsements
Pro Plan
  • Includes 3 drip campaigns written
  • 3 Drip Campaigns running concurrently
  • 75 Connection Requests/day
  • 100 Personalized Messages/day
  • 200 Profile Views/day
  • 50 Skill Endorsements/day
  • 50 Likes/day
  • 50 Profile Follows/day
  • Export leads to CSV
  • Zapier integration