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We all know that Google rolls out many updates. And with every update, there’s a new change in their system’s algorithms.

By now, you probably know that Google’s upgrade search engine algorithms heavily influence the search results, which in turn decides which websites rank at the top and which don’t. So, if you’re not at the top of your business’ front-end website redesign, another business is highly likely to take up your digital spot.

And that’s why it’s essential to keep updating your old website to increase your website’s search engine perceptibility so that you can work better with Google’s algorithms. But that’s just one of the many reasons.

A website is a great way to get yourself in front of a global audience. And if you have a web presence, your business’ first impression largely depends on how your website looks and functions. And a good first impression is equal to more business.

Since a website that isn’t generating any business for you is as good as one with an expired domain, keeping your digital point of contact fresh and compliant can also improve online lead generation.

So, what makes a good website?

The latest analysis of all the leading search engines determined that businesses need to create an excellent user experience on their digital platform, a.k.a. the website.

Although user experience is subjective, there are a few key ingredients that you can always narrow down to because they have proven to be so effective for decades. These elements allow you to form your website’s framework while catering to every visitor’s essential digital needs.

When creating a new website or updating your old website, you must focus on

  • Design
  • Marketing
  • Security
  • Mobile devices

 Websites with high authority usually rank higher because they promote efficient communication through a flawless design, integrate practical marketing components, and are safe enough to be browsed anywhere in the world.

What can front-end web development do?

A front end web development team primarily works towards creating a responsive, functional, and compliant website compatible with all devices. They help you build interactive tools and elements for your website to make navigation easier for your visitors.

They are also responsible for delivering a user interface that offers a seamless user experience to anyone looking to do business with you through a secured network.

Lastly, some front-end web development companies can also upgrade your site’s branding and help you curate a more uniform image of your brand, which is a valuable resource when running marketing campaigns.

Benefits of updating an old website

Users form an opinion about your site in 0.05 seconds. That’s 50 milliseconds. 50 milliseconds is all you have to convince visitors to stay on and explore your website. And it’s impossible to be persuasive with outdated technology. So, here are nine reasons why you should update your existing website content for better search engine rankings.


  • Appearance

Clean designs have been the new norm for a few years now. Today, visitors like minimalistic web pages that immediately highlight important information. First impressions are 94% design-related.

What’s more, if you haven’t updated your website since say, 2015, your visitors will probably consider it cluttered or outdated because that’s how rapidly the digital space is evolving.

Thus, updating your website will allow you to satisfy your users’ need for aesthetics and stay up-to-date with web design trends.

  • Responsiveness

Responsiveness is the most significant aspect of front end web development after visual appeal.

And mobile phones make up the lion’s share of all sources of traffic to your website.

So, ‘should you have a mobile-friendly website?’ is something that should not even be a question anymore. If anything, a renewed website will help you reach different devices and communicate with all kinds of users without worrying about technological barriers.

  •  Customization

Every website needs to be different as it helps you form a unique image of your business in the customers’ minds. More importantly, in a world where 80% of consumers prefer buying from brands that offer a personalized experience, it’s irrational to use the same web design formula for your digital presence.

Working with a front end web development team can enable you to move away from the monotony that online website builders offer and create a distinctive experience for your customers.

  • Coding

Web developers have previously relied solely on HTML for building websites. But with the technology advancing every few months, websites that possess too many unnecessary HTML codes are experiencing lags, far too many downtimes, and slow page loading speed due to heavy web pages.

A complete website update will allow you to incorporate CSS coding and reduce your pages’ weight, so they can load faster and accommodate more visitors.


  • Content

38% of people will stop engaging with a website if the content is unattractive. So, even if you can convince people to stay on your website, you need compelling content to convert them into paying customers.

Not only that, even the structure of the information should be worth a read. The content ought to be designed to lead the customers to checkout.

Since content marketing is ever-evolving, updating your website will let you upload fresher content on your site, which will help your brand align with your customers’ current content needs.


  • SEO

Marketing experts believe that the Core Web Vitals update of the mid-2021 will pay special attention to the various SEO strategies integrated by the websites.

Elements such as page loading speed, device compatibility, and the website’s stability will decide the position of your digital presence.

If you don’t incorporate the latest SEO practices in your website, you will likely lose a lot of potential business and get replaced by other businesses.

  • Lead collection

Effective marketing communication is about efficiently conveying your message to prospective customers. Marketing devices such as CTAs or call-to-actions are beneficial when positioned correctly.

But it isn’t uncommon for outdated websites to lack the subtlety and strategy, which powerful CTAs require, that modern sites possess. 70% of small business websites lack a call to action (CTA) on their homepage.

Updating your website can not only change that but can also help improve your lead collection method and possibly increase the number of leads, too.


  • Hosting and development platform

The problem with website development platforms is that there are far too many to keep track of and not much transparency. Therefore, it’s always wiser to go for the popular names with healthy web development communities that manage the platforms.

Besides, if your website is old, it probably starts with HTTP (HyperText Transfer Protocol) instead of HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure). Since the latter is more reliable and secure, a website update can move your online presence to the green zone, away from the red.

  • Plugins

Plugins and other third-party resources can carry malware and viruses that can cause your web presence to topple. They can also put your users’ data at risk.

While platforms like WordPress offer their users safe plugins, old websites might have poorly designed, non-encrypted third-party resources installed, which can threaten user safety. Fortunately, updating your website can eliminate that risk, too.


57% of internet users won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website, while 75% of consumers judge a brand’s credibility based on the website. If that’s not all, 94% of negative website feedback is design-related. Now that’s a lot of stat and a truckload of web development problems. But we have a quick fix.

Instead of eliminating these problems individually, you can work with an experienced front end web development team and get all your issues fixed at once. Bash Foo can help you drive more traffic to your website and its blog, improve your lead figures, and enhance your web presence to align with your business’ vision. All you have to do is tell us what you need, and we will have a customized solution ready for you in no time.