Prospective client: “I think I need a new website”
Bash Foo: “Why do you feel like you need a new website?”
Prospective client: “It’s not doing what it is supposed to be doing, and I think it’s old, I haven’t spent any time updating it”

Well, that’s a LOT to unpack. The #1 reason someone visits or calls us is that they believe that their website is not representative of what they do + they have neglected its use as a marketing tool.

It’s not doing what it is supposed to be doing…

This usually means that they believe that their website should be making more people call/visit them and inquire about buying their product/service. Ahh, if only that “build it and they will come” thing actually worked. There actually could be dozens of reasons why your sales are down and you don’t know why. We try to help our clients identify the core reasons for the sales slump, and build a strategy (and sometimes a website) to get things moving again.

I think it’s old…

Well, that could very well be true. It’s not uncommon to see sites built 10-12 years ago. They don’t work great on mobile or tablets, and their fonts are teeny tiny. 100% chance that the old site needs a massive refresh.

I haven’t spent any time updating it…

This can also be called, “we have been so busy that we have thrown our SEO out the window, and allowed our search engine relevance to be overtaken by smaller and less relevant competitors, we don’t come up in search very often”. Whew! OK.

So, how much does a new website cost to build?

Easy question to answer. We build dozens of sites a year so we have a handle on what it takes.

Standard Small Business websites: $2,500-$4,500
eCommerce package (so you can sell stuff online): $1,250 additional
90% of the web design work we do comes in under $7,500 total.

How long am I looking at?

Usually 6-8 weeks. We design our sites from scratch. 100% custom. No downloaded templates or complex theme builders.

What sort of work will I have to do to prepare?

Bash Foo has a content marketing team that can write or re-write the content for your website. We have photographers that can take your headshots and photos of your work environment. But you do have a chance to reduce the cost of the website by providing your own polished sales copy and high-resolution photos for the website. So in a nutshell, the website will come in around $2,500 if you have all of the copy proofed and prepared, have a clean-looking logo, and have your digital photos on a thumb drive for us to use. But we do offer a “you don’t have to do a thing” web design, more around the $7,500 mark.

How do I get started?

Reach out to us by phone: (937) 912-4519 or email Mike at and he’ll get the ball rolling on the most important part of your digital marketing efforts.