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In order to enjoy a reputation as an exemplary web design company, you first must be remembered as a great listener. It is this single auditory activity that distinguishes a mediocre web designer from an excellent Dayton web design company. Unfortunately, too many web designers put the cart before the horse by trying to fit a business into a preordained formula.

In fact, every business is unique with its own set of objectives, profile, even its own personality. Very often, your first meeting with a web design company will entail a questionnaire that’s designed to capture as much information about you and your business as possible. This process helps to formulate an outline that best describes your goals, marketing objectives, personality, target audience, and of course your budget.

With these factors grasped firmly in hand, design objectives begin to be flushed out. Regardless of the nature of your business, a well-thought-out website will help delineate any successful digital endeavor.


Responsive design entails having the right solution for every application. Whether it’s desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile smartphone, the right design elements must adapt to the way it is being displayed. Regardless of the device being employed, over 60% of web searches were being conducted on a mobile device. Responsive Web Design (RWD) provides a system permitting a site to interact with various screen sizes without losing clarity.

As more mobile devices come onto the digital landscape, issues like resolution become more important while still maintaining a single URL. As browsing on mobile devices become more ubiquitous, web responsiveness is no longer a luxury.  An effective mobile presence is becoming more vital in search visibility as well. A good web design company will provide this option to you.

Search Engine Optimization    

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) provides greater visibility on web searches. Simply put, the higher the ranking a website is in a search engine, the more frequently it will appear in search engine results. The greater the ranking a site enjoys, the greater number of conversions will be attained. Therefore, a sound SEO strategy, particularly in organic searches, goes a long way in making your site more visible to the public.

Keywords are the mainstay of SEO. The more keywords are employed, the more responsive Google’s algorithms will be in pointing back to your site. For example, if your business is involved in home aquariums, keywords such as “fish food”, “saline tanks” and “aquarium home maintenance” might be useful to improve visibility for your products and services. Your web design company should prioritize your search engine ranking in this way.

Ask your web designer if they are also Google Partners. Just because you can design websites doesn’t mean you’ve bothered to study, test and become certified by Google. Here at Bash Foo, we have, and we are.

Calls to Action

A call to action (CTA) is a technique employed to entice a visitor to make an actionable response. Typically, scripted as a command,  it is usually articulated as a button on the site that allows the visitor to respond. It might announce a “50% off sale” or “press here for more information”. Essentially, it gives your company an opportunity to capture more information. That can be applied to enhance marketing efforts or to increase conversions. A CTA is important in instructing a visitor what action is required in order to learn more about a product or service. If you’re not sure what to use, your web design company can come up with something compelling.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is key to your overall marketing efforts. It involves the sharing of online material that is particularly relevant to your business. Content marketing comes in the form of blogs, social media content, or other material that is written or produced to create interest in your company.  Web content is crucial in order to increase visibility and to result in positive responses from Google’s algorithms.

Once your web content has been established, blogs are a great place to start to constantly introduce new posts in order to optimize the content. Studies indicate that 73% of visitors have made a purchase after reading the content. While constantly updating quality content can be time-consuming, there are a number of content services that are available to provide quality content specific to your business. This is another service a good web design company like Bash Foo can provide.

Video Content/Rich Media

With the advent of 5G media, videos will become interactive. This allows for an unprecedented opportunity for companies to integrate their ad message directly to the public in ways that were not possible before this disruptive technology came along. Imagine a TV commercial as a two-way conversation and you begin to envision a new wave in interactive advertising.

In time, this technology will employ two-way cameras to  “read” your emotional response and change content in real-time based on your response. Best of all, this” new reality” will be available on next year’s generation of mobile phones. 5G promise of zero latency will mean no lag time. It’s been estimated that 5G will catapult total revenues to $67 billion dollars within in 10 years! Additionally, it is expected to triple the mobile media market globally by 2028. Part of 5G’s secret is in being able to handle huge amounts of data in milliseconds.  Welcome to the media revolution!

“You are what you do, not what you say you’ll do”   

Carl Jung

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