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When most marketing teams consider building an automated marketing experience, it’s only natural to start at the top of your funnel. The experience you plan to craft is one for new shoppers who are discovering your brand for the first time. But focusing only on the unique shopper experience is severely discounting (and not in the “good way”) the value of your return shoppers.

Automated Marketing is Ideal for Return Shoppers

Returning customers have bought from you before and liked what they experienced. They have come back to buy again, but they may not necessarily know exactly what they’re looking for or have the full motivation to complete the purchase. They also are less likely to need or want the help of a real person through live chat or email to push them along through the shopping experience.

Automated marketing is the ideal solution for return shoppers because they can enjoy the platform itself, guiding them toward the best possible product selections and rewarding them for completing each returning purchase. But you don’t have to accept simple generalities. Let’s dive into the seven most persuasive reasons why automated marketing is perfect for helping your return shoppers come back time and time again.


Return Shoppers …

  1. …Don’t Need the Whole Top-of-Funnel Pitch

Automated marketing usually stacks on top of all your SEO and blog content work designed to catch the attention of new shoppers and entice them into a purchase. But return shoppers don’t need any of that top-of-funnel pitching. They know exactly where your website is and already know that you carry things they enjoy. When automated marketing would usually pick up where SEO left off, return shoppers can jump directly into a delightfully automated shopping experience.


  1. …Feel Special When the Platform Comes to Life for Them

The automated marketing process for new and return shoppers can and should be different. Shoppers who get a “welcome first-timer” message the second, third, and fourth time they buy will feel your brand enthusiasm as hollow.

On the other hand, if your automated marketing greets return shoppers by name and thank them for coming back, your return customers suddenly feel remembered and special. Stack that on with exclusive deals just for them based on previous shopping and browsing histories and you’ve practically made a new friend, all without having to spend a single moment of human sales rep time.

Automated marketing is fantastic at making return shoppers feel appreciated and personalizing their experience in a rewarding and encouraging fashion.


  1. …Are Already Looking for Something to Buy

Another perk of a custom return shopper experience is that you know return shoppers are already looking for something to buy. They’ve read your blog if they care to, and they’ve browsed your products so they already know approximately what you sell and the variety available. They must be back for a reason and automated marketing is there to help.

Automated marketing often jumps right into offering customers products they might enjoy and discount codes that might inspire shoppers to fill their virtual carts. When you’ve got a customer who is already ready to buy, these encouragements just make the shopping experience more fun and rewarding. And their final purchase more assured.


  1. …Still Need Encouragement and Guidance to Complete a Purchase

Speaking of assured purchases, it’s also important to remember that while return shoppers are looking to buy, they also need the same kind of guidance and encouragement that many first-time buyers need to actually complete that purchase. Return shoppers are just as likely, if not more likely, to start filling their cart and then wander off because they’re sure they’ll come back for the items eventually. There is also a chance that return shoppers will fail to find exactly what they’re looking for, just like a new unconverted lead.

Automated marketing can help return shoppers not only find what they’re looking for by making AI-backed suggestions, but it can also keep up the shopping momentum all the way through purchase. Automated marketing encouragement often helps return shoppers complete their carts and the purchase process with satisfaction instead of getting distracted or discouraged on their own.


  1. …Appreciate Automated Cross-Selling of Associated Products

When a return customer is shopping through your site, they often don’t know exactly what they plan to buy. Perhaps they liked your shirt selection and would be happy with a whole outfit, if only they could quickly choose the right pants and shoes to complement their favorite tops. The examples are infinite, but the point is the same: most return customers actually enjoy when your automated marketing engine tries to cross-sell or even up-sell them on practical additions to their cart.

A shopper looking for a nice blender might really enjoy that your automated marketing platform suggests a smoothie starter pack to go with it. A shopper looking for kid’s Christmas gifts might be delighted to see your cross-selling selection of toys for a similar age group as the toy they’ve clicked. Cross-selling is, in fact, far more effective with return shoppers than first-timers who are not yet sure they love your brand.


  1. …Are More Likely to Return Again if Their Shopping Experience is Rewarding

Consider the second-time shopper who enjoyed their first shopping experience and has come back to see if a second purchase is just as satisfying. Automated marketing steps up to act as their personal assistant with a non-intrusive DIY flare that most people enjoy. Your automated marketing might suggest the perfect follow-up purchase or provide a discount code that delights your second-time shopper when they punch it into the checkout form.

When a return shopper has a wonderful time upon their return visit, they are far more likely to return again and again as a soon-to-be loyal customer because your website treated them right.


  1. …Have a Reason to Invest in Referrals and Loyalty Rewards

Finally, never forget that your return shoppers are infinitely more likely to get involved in loyalty programs and even refer your brand to friends and family for rewards than first-time shoppers giving you a trial run.

Return shoppers who know they will return have a strong personal motivation to join the loyalty rewards program and sign up for emails because they know they’ll be using those discounts and reward points in the future. They can confidently refer your brand to friends because they know the experience is good, and they’ll do so because they want the reward points to spend on future purchases.

When your automated marketing makes loyalty program offers, your return customers are going to be the real takers every time.

Automated marketing isn’t just to usher new leads through the first conversion purchase process. In fact, once a shopper has returned for their second or third purchase, your automated marketing system can become many times more effective because your return customers are engaged and invested in interacting with the site and earning the discounts you have to offer.

Now all you must do is craft a unique and rewarding automated shopping experience that doesn’t mistake every visitor for someone who’s brand new to the site. Instead, greet your return shoppers by name, offer them personalized deals, and generally make them feel like honored loyal patrons of the brand. For more automated marketing insights, contact us today!