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“You say it’s your birthday. It’s my birthday too, yeah”

– The Beatles

Customer birthdays are a fantastic time for marketers. It would be our favorite time of year, but customer birthdays happen once a year all year long. Birthdays are a time to celebrate with your customer. On our birthdays, we expect to get presents and an abundance of fun opportunities to choose from. Many people spend time with friends or family and treat themselves to a few special birthday reward. This is the perfect time to offer your customers a gift they will love, one that benefits everyone involved.

Birthday Demand Generation

In the business of demand generation, birthdays are a fantastic example of using desire and positive sentiment to create a strong incentive to buy. Customers want to treat themselves to something good, and a special deal or discount on their birthday becomes a desire to take advantage of every good birthday opportunity. In other words, you have generated new and enthusiastic demand in your customer to accept their birthday gift and buy something.

Birthday deals, discounts, and special package offers are a hallmark of marketing existing long before the internet. Consider the Birthday Song tradition at family restaurants where birthdays are often celebrated with a nice meal out.  It’s nice to get a little party from the restaurant and maybe a free piece of cake. Birthday marketing handled with automation can offer that same warm feeling with an even more personalized birthday gift from your brand. Wishing your customers a happy birthday with discounts and bonuses made just for them.

Today, we’re here to share a few smart tips on demand-generating an awesome birthday message for each of your customers and loyalty club members.

Detailed Account Profiles

Your customers are the best possible source of birthday information about them. You can catch the birthday during registration, but the real trick is also knowing your customer’s favorite color, brand, and the products on their wishlist. The more you know about your customer, the more personalized and motivating your birthday gifts can be.

The best way to do this is with detailed account profiles. Make it possible and rewarding for customers to personalize their account profiles. Set the background to their favorite color, pick a few favorites, and start a wishlist. From there, each customer’s shopping habits can help you shape their preferences and desires.

AI-Driven Gift Selection

Personalized gifting is one of the superpowers of modern business with the help of business AI analysis. Set an algorithm to calculate what a customer will want in the future based on their shopping history and any personal information they’ve chosen to share. This is a task that takes time and effort to do by hand, but a computer can generate a potentially great birthday gift for any customer at any time.

This is true no matter what your business sells. If you sell carpets, an AI can pick out the colors and patterns each customer likes best based on previous choices or current set preferences. If you sell bedding, your AI will choose the fabrics, colors, bed sizes, and accessories based on things your customer has bought in the past.

You can generate one or several different gift options for your birthday customers with this AI-generated or algorithm-driven method.

Birthday Month and Day

For most birthday deals, the opportunity lasts longer than the actual day. You can’t guarantee that a customer will log in on their birthday, check their email, or choose to buy. So widen the net. Offer a special birthday-month discount where customers can consider the opportunity all month and finally treat themselves before or even after their birthdays. Make sure you are targeting your customers with an understanding of where they are most likely to buy.

You can then pair this with a more targeted offer on the special day itself. This way, your customer gets to celebrate their upcoming birthday and get your birthday wishes. A month-long birthday discount means customer’s birthday-week schedules don’t have to adhere to treat themselves to your gift.

Birthday Discounts, Packages, and Free Gifts

There are several different ways to offer birthday rewards and gifts to your customers. Discounts are the most common method, and often appreciated for customers treating themselves on their birthday. A discount can be the perfect opportunity to get a special desired item at a low cost. Your suggestion could be anything, and as long as it’s something the customer really wants, they may well decide to take up the opportunity.

Birthday Package Deals

Package deals are another way that some brands send birthday wishes. Gift baskets of any composition can be a special reward for someone shopping on their birthday week. A package of items that you know they’ll want is incredibly tempting. Especially if it also comes in their favorite color. You can make specific product sets available at a single discounted price or you can make an entire category of items available for a discounted selection.

In-the-Box Birthday Gift

And if they do make a birthday purchase, consider throwing in a little something extra, and hint that you will do so before the purchase is complete. The temptation of a free birthday surprise is often enough to drive curious birthday shoppers to fully complete their purchase. Birthday gifts and in-the-box surprises are always appreciated to make your birthday offer a real gift to the customer. This might be as simple as a chocolate bar or a personalized special birthday gift.

Birthdays are the perfect opportunity to connect with your customers and generate a celebratory demand for your products. People want to accept their birthday gifts, take advantage of special birthday opportunities, and generally feel like the world is celebrating with them. They are ready for birthday greetings from every direction and are in the mood for a treat. As adults, birthdays take on a slightly different tenor . Your customers are more than prepared to treat themselves if a special birthday opportunity comes up that isn’t connected to friends or family. Every time one of your customers is about to experience a birthday, that is your perfect moment to use your automated marketing tools. Send birthday wishes to generate demand and increase the likelihood of a birthday sale. For more insights into demand generation and building strong customer relationships, contact us today!