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As companies “lean up” their teams, they are finding that recruiting new talent is more than just a part time chore for “that guy in accounting”. And as the talent pools out there become more competitive, prospects are expecting more red carpet and less assembly line treatment from employers. “Why should I work for you?” vs. “Why should I hire you?”

Enter Bash Foo. Our teams for years have been mining leads for our clients, poring over gigantic spreadsheets of useless data to find just the right segment of engaged prospects and turning them on to our client’s products and services using persuasive copy and tried and true sales pitches.
So what happens when the experts in lead persuasion try their hand at prospecting job candidates in addition to sales opportunities? *Cue suspense-filled background music…

Something awesome happens, that’s what!

Job candidates appreciate the approach of a marketing agency. We understand that they are a valuable asset to our clients and we treat them like gold, not just a job order. Reason being is that our clients trust us with their valuable marketing dollars and we know how precious those are. When used wisely, recruiting dollars are just as efficient at printing money for a small business as new sales are.

So. Just What is Sourcing as a Service?

Instead of bogging down your internal recruiting team or “that guy in accounting” with hunting for candidates and qualifying them, we do the legwork of building lists of ideal candidates for the job description supplied by the hiring company. This kind of partnership helps businesses boost productivity and save money by Bash Foo doing the “legwork” of recruiting.

Finding the right candidates, and those who are serious about the job market, is one of the most tedious tasks in the recruiting field. In fact, recruiters spend as much as 50% of their time sourcing candidates.

But, Bash Foo can procure the right candidates for the position, and all you need to do is focus on the actual hiring process. It saves time, money, and productivity.

Here’s how our marketing agency can empower your hiring team to make better placement decisions for your company.

#1 We Free Up Your Team’s Time and Productivity

If your team is 100% focused on scanning job boards, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles, they will have little time to focus on actually recruiting your potential job candidates.

By utilizing our sourcing service, you can keep a list of qualified candidates in the hopper for any upcoming opportunities that may arise in the company. Then, your recruiting team simply reviews without the pressure and distraction of hunting for candidates.

#2 We’ve Already Got the Tools…without the Fees.

Bash Foo has invested in quality tools to procure the right candidates for the job. Have you ever looked into what it costs just to HAVE LinkedIn Recruiter, let alone pay someone to use it? That’s right. It’s expensive. And there is no reason why you should carry that full burden of those tools alone. Bash Foo spreads those costs out across all of our hiring companies.

This allows you to find quality candidates for your job position, trim back on expenses, and increase productivity in your recruiting departments.

The lists of candidates you receive will include verified contact information and background details, so you know exactly who you are getting in front of before the interview.

#3 We won’t be Hounding You to Hunt

We do a good job of staying in our lane. As a marketing agency, we’ve got plenty of tasks to focus on, so we won’t be dogging you for job orders to go hunting.

We simply provide the sourcing we promised, deliver on that promise – nothing more, nothing less. We aren’t about fluff around here, but we will be here when you need us to take on the next opportunity.

So, how does the process work?

If recruiters are constantly stuck behind a computer researching and vetting potential candidates, they aren’t spending their time getting to know future team members.

By utilizing our sourcing service, your team can focus on finding the right fit for a company’s culture and the job position.

There are three general steps to sourcing as a service:

1. Identify your ideal candidate. This can be a short form or questionnaire to determine the exact candidate you are looking for, immediately disqualifying anyone who does not meet the criteria for the position or culture.
2. Within a few days, we provide matching profiles to review against your ideal candidate. At this time, we ask for feedback so we can continue to narrow down the search.
3. Then, we deliver a full list of qualified profiles (with contact information) which you can reach out to and begin the hiring process.

Companies of all sizes utilize sourcing services as a way to free up their internal departments. As your chosen marketing agency and now sourcing expert, you can trust us to get the job done.

If you are interested in learning more about hiring Bash Foo to source your next employee, reach out to us today. A member of our recruiting team will help you find the best fit, and do so easily and affordably.