By | Categories Blog | Featured | December 2, 2019

Chances are you were not trampled down by the crowds if you went out Black Friday shopping. The sales data is in… And it should be eye opening to any business and retailer.

Black Friday Sales Comparison

In store: Sales in physical stores dropped 6.2% from last year, AND the number of shoppers in those stores fell by 2.1%

Online: Black Friday purchases made online increase by 20% to hit a record $7.4B.

I’m sure you are not shocked to learn that ecommerce outpaced physical shopping. Buying new pajamas while in your pajamas is the way to go!

The surprise found in this year’s sales data is the way that mobile online orders lapped any other form of shopping this Black Friday.

Mobile Phones Rule Black Friday

Mobile Orders: Shoppers were apparently too tired to open their laptop. 65% of Black Friday’s online deals happened on smartphones. That’s the biggest day ever for mobile ecommerce transactions. Up a full 35% from last year!

Pickup Orders: Why wait for 2 day shipping when you can pick it up at the store RIGHT NOW! The buy-online and pickup in store sales jumped 43% from last year.

Bottom line, if you retail anything. You really need to get a website. AND you really need to consider making it a “mobile first” website.

But what if you are a service industry? How many sales did you pick-up over Black Friday weekend?

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