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Your Customer Relationship Management software or CRM can help you make and keep good customers. It can help you understand the patterns in customer behavior and better serve each customer when they come back. It can even help you turn leads into new customers by noting their behaviors and making a guiding CRM entry even before leads have created an account for themselves or completed their first purchase.

Leaving leads on the table is always something to avoid. It’s known that not all leads will convert, but there’s no need to waste perfectly good leads when all they need is a little nurturing. Your CRM is an excellent tool for this, but just like customer care, you must know how to use it. The CRM is, essentially, a Rolodex of information that can then be used to your advantage. So here’s how to use it to pick up those dropped leads and inspire increasingly more conversions over time.


Collect Pre-Account Data

There are two distinct differences between leads and customers. First, they haven’t completed a purchase. Second, they haven’t made an account yet. Don’t let this stop you from creating a tentative CRM entry just for curious leads. When a new IP or device connects, begin collecting potentially useful information. This could be a lead, a journalist, a potential business partner, or a browser-bot. You won’t know unless you look. Watch their browsing activities and keep track of any data entered or chat conversations had before account creation.

You can do this by automatically generating a temporary CRM entry. The entry then collects user-activity data to analyze and determine the nature of your visitors. If they are leads, then automated or directed nurturing can begin. The information collected can be used to guide the nurturing process instead of opening cold.


Chatbot Greeting

One of the best ways to collect that preliminary CRM data is with a chatbot. Chatbots can talk to everyone, never getting bored, or tired, and always close-able for browsing customers. People like to be greeted by a friendly self-docking chatbot. A cheerful greeting gives your website a friendly vibe and immediately provides a route for customer service.

Those who choose to engage with the chatbot are both more likely to be leads and will provide useful early information. A chatbot can be asked for help with selection or for basic information, but even better, they open the conversation. A chatbot turns the website into an interactive experience by reaching out and greeting each lead.


Intent-Based Guided Selection

Another option is to offer your leads a guided selection that also builds their CRM data. Guided selection is essentially an online personal shopper, narrowing down the options to help leads find what they want. Intent-based guided selection helps leads to shop based on their intentions. Turn your first-time-visitor UI into a helpful guided experience.

Ask your leads what they’re shopping for and offer them categories from which to choose. Refine your search filters and natural store organization to walk leads through the funnel. This is a form of gentle interaction, and their choices will inform your CRM of future product preferences.


Helpful Automatic Detection

Another great way to put your CRM to work is with detection-based data. For many brands and services, you can make life easier for new leads to convert by detecting certain things about their circumstances. Location, for example, could help you guide leads toward products that would deliver quickly to them. If you offer online content, you might detect the visitor’s connection speed and offer them media forms that will perform best for them.

This kind of automatic detection fills your CRM with data, which is then used to improve the experience of your leads. Leads notice when you go the extra mile and are often swayed by websites and apps that are intuitively easy to use.


Taste Product Quiz

Taste quizzes are a fun reminder of adolescence, but they’re also essential in some industries for helping leads choose their first products. Taste influences choice in clothing, furniture, art, and so much more. Your CRM is also where customer preferences in taste will be stored. Why wait? One of the best ways to simultaneously claim leads and get a feel for their future tastes is a quick product-based taste quiz.

Select collections of your product that represent taste-groups. These might be specific branded collections or just items of similar style and color scheme. Use clever, visual questions for leads to answer by clicking on each product collection. Now they’ve had a delightful tour of your goods, explored how those goods apply to their tastes, and informed your CRM of products they’ll be more interested in to complete the first and future purchases.


Guided & Transparent Checkout

Want to save leads? Make checkout easy and extremely transparent. Many people will test-checkout to see what the delivery times and final fees will look like. Others will simply be stopped and abandon a cart if checkout has too many steps. You need a streamlined, smooth checkout that shares all the information and practically hands the first products to your leads.

If necessary, use detection. Make sure your forms are compatible with their browser auto-fill. Have handy quick-check fields to prevent submission errors. Use every trick that your CRM and software has to offer to make checkout a thoughtless experience.

At the same time, make sure your checkout is transparent. Delivery costs, taxes,  arrival date, and discounts should all be displayed on the cart page and throughout the checkout process.

Your CRM can be an essential part of lead conversion if you know how to use it. A lead doesn’t even need to make an account for your CRM to collect information and use it to influence their conversion. From automated engagement to guided selection, a good CRM is an excellent tool for both casual shoppers and transitioning key accounts to the sales team. If you’d like more professional CRM tips or directed implementation strategies, contact us today! The Bash Foo team pros are ready to hone your CRM claim those leads on the table.