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If your sales team is having a hard time connecting with sales leads and closing the deal, you are not alone.

There are many reasons why a sales team may not be hitting the mark every time. Your sales team may need additional training on your CRM software, you could have some miscommunication between sales and marketing, or your team is simply overwhelmed with the number of leads coming in.

While hundreds of leads flowing through the funnel is a good problem to have, having a clear grasp on a customer’s journey can make or break the experience when connecting with potential customers. Whatever the reason, BashFoo can help you diagnose and solve the issue by bringing efficiency back into your sales department through sales enablement services.

This new service was born out of an inherent need to relieve overwhelmed sales teams and boost sales within our community. There are many different approaches to sales enablement, but because we play on your team, your existing process and strategy remain top of mind.

What is a Sales Enablement Service?

Sales enablement services is a collaborative tool used to enhance efficiency, process, and understanding within an existing sales department. By uniting the teams and resources necessary, customer-facing professionals are empowered to add value in every customer interaction that aligns with the buyer’s journey.

Through this initiative, our team empowers your sales representatives. Instead of taking over, we improve what currently exists and equip your team with the tools needed to carry on. By resolving these issues, your team has the opportunity to increase revenue, improve client acquisition, and have more selling time on their calendars.

The Process

The best way to understand where the funnel has sprung a leak is to audit the processes, software, desired business outcomes, and assets that are currently performing.

After we have a grasp on the foundation, we begin developing a digital roadmap with custom tools and tasks to improve your current strategy and reach your goals. This path takes the strategy to maturity.

Supported through a range of services, sales teams are equipped with the information and tools necessary to provide real value in customer interactions.

Here are some examples of digital sales enablement services offered by our team:

  • Lead nurturing
  • Marketing Workflows
  • Automated Lead Qualification
  • Call scripts
  • Software training
  • CRM implementation and training
  • Sales and marketing team alignment
  • Prospecting templates
  • Integrated Funnel Definition
  • Buyer’s Journey Development

Enablement is not a one-and-done solution. It requires constant diligence and implementation to achieve the desired results. Every initiative must begin with a strategy and be supported by leadership teams for continued success.

We aren’t here to reinvent the wheel. We are here to rotate the squeaky ones. If your team is continually struggling to close deals and you are coming up short on your business goals, reach out to us to learn more about our sales enablement services.