Thank you for contacting Bash Foo. We look forwards to speaking with you about your inquiry.

What to do while you are waiting…

That feeling of completion you get when you hit Submit on a Contact Us form is satisfying but not necessarily as satisfying as getting in touch with a real person, right?

No matter what hour, or what day of the week we are here to serve. If you click that fancy Chat button to the bottom right of the page you can chat with one of our customer service specialists who will capture your information, and page one of us. In fact, if you are chatting with us online, she will ring our phone and yours to make sure we get a chance to speak with each other. Instant digital gratification.

By Email

Sometimes it’s not a pressing issue and it’s OK to wait a few hours for one of our team to reply to your inquiry. We often get requests to trial software, allow a guest blog, partner with other digital marketing organizations, or just “touch base”. That’s cool too.

Our existing clients don’t have to use this form as they use our spiffy 24-hour, 7 days-a-week support portal to get in touch with us. They get to keep track of the work we are doing, ask questions within the support thread, and highlight additional changes that may percolate up. We really hope you become one of our clients so we can show you around.

If this is an urgent matter, please feel free to call us at 937-912-4519 or submit a support ticket by emailing us at support@bashfoo.com. That’s our super secret contact method for clients. See. We are treating you special already!