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As we go deeper into what has been coined ‘the information age’ the power of tech companies is on the rise. Almost every modern household has internet access and most include more than one person with a smartphone. This means that whether you’re an ISP or app developers, the potential customers for your tech company are vast. However, marketing to yourself and marketing to your target audience are two very different things. You already understand your product and why your company is special.
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With the advent of truly efficient spam folders, many people have the misconception that email-based marketing is dead. On the contrary! It just needs to get smarter. Mailing lists, newsletters, and carefully targeted promotional invitations are popular methods of successful email marketing, but new methods are constantly being tried and tested for appeal and effectiveness. While your best bet is with subscribers who have volunteered to receive your promotional emails, conversions are still more frequent when the content of the emails are engaging, useful, and relevant to the readers. This has naturally caused companies to seek more and better ways to target their email marketing content to appeal to each individual subscriber.
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Marketers generally consider a company’s website to be the core of its digital marketing campaign. Its site ranking will determine how much organic traffic it gets, it’s responsible for converting leads, and it promotes the company’s products and social media pages. Read More »

email list

One day, email marketing may become obsolete, but it is not this day. Far from it. In fact, with the vast majority of emails now being opened on mobile devices, email marketing is more relevant than ever. As part of a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, it rivals, and in some cases, surpasses social media marketing in generating quality, interested leads. So why doesn’t it get more respect?

For starters, some people equate it with spam, the ubiquitous junk email we can’t quite seem to get rid of. Spam is bad. Don’t spam. Email marketing, however, is wanted; that’s the key difference. With email marketing, your audience has elected, either directly through sign-up with you or through a related marketing initiative, to receive electronic communications from you. There is strength number one of email marketing.Read More »


Often a social media blog is the most efficient way to enhance your website for search engines. It serves as a great way to show Google that your site content is fresh, that you’re a thought leader in your industry, and that your site is easy to crawl.

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When asked about their inbound marketing campaigns, 40% of businesses cite marketing automation as one of their top priorities. Research also shows that most marketing automation fails because the foundation for lead generation is insufficient.Read More »


Social media has become one of the fastest ways to disseminate information to a targeted audience quickly. If you follow recommended social media blogging guidelines, your business can see a significant growth pattern within a few months. Social media outlets allow your employees to interact directly with a targeted prospect and customer base, getting immediate feedback that will aid in defining your product and service offerings.Read More »


A lot of businesses use the term inbound marketing but have little understanding what it is exactly, how it can benefit them, and what it takes to market successfully.

What is Inbound Marketing?

The goal of all marketing is to increase traffic, leads, and sales. Traditional marketing relies on blasting one’s brand or message to as many people as possible. Traditional marketing methods–TV commercials, newspaper inserts, magazine advertisements, etc–require large amounts of money. Because they interrupt individuals who are engaged in other activities, only a small percentage of those who see the marketing respond to it. That’s why fast-growing companies have discovered ways to use consumer data made available to them can be used to better target their message, and only react to sales opportunities with the highest probability of success.

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trust element

Trust elements play a crucial role in digital marketing, yet many businesses have no idea what they are. In this blog, we’ll explain how you can design better landing pages and convert more leads by focusing on your trust elements.

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more and better content

Your inbound marketing plan has the potential to be a huge part of your business’s success. You’ve put plenty of time and effort into constructing a plan, generating the content you think your customers want, and making sure that it’s out there for them to find. There’s just one problem: it’s not working!

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