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Business to Business B2B Website SolutionsBash Foo will integrate a custom Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system powered by Hatchbuck, they’ll manage and maintain your social media channels using Hootsuite, their content marketing team will create a constant flow of news, updates, and rich media to share with your audience. And, most importantly, Bash Foo will provide that consistent pulse of leads and prospects that your business demands.

Ran by Leads, Fed by Prospects

Your business demands a consistent flow and quantity of available leads and prospects in your sales funnel. Going weeks, months or even longer results in downsizing, reduction in work-force, and heavy cuts to top line operations. Let’s face it, nobody likes that.
Your digital business relationships have to call your website home. It’s features, functions and capabilities, if not properly harnessed, just serve as a single flyer tacked onto a wall next to millions of other flyers.

Retainer-based Marketing Solutions

Choosing Bash Foo to design your B2B website may be the smartest thing you’ll do all week. However, by engaging with Bash Foo’s digital marketing managers on a retainer basis, you’ll harness practical marketing solutions that work for your business, day in and day out.

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