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small business clothing retailerWe develop websites based in WordPress to allow small business owners the control they want on their website content, while also allowing Bash Foo developers the ability to make quick (and cheap) changes and updates to client websites. Choosing Bash Foo for your small business website design may be the best decision you’ll make for your business. Give us a shout.

Your New Business Needs You

Probably the most oft heard comment from our small business customers is that not until they opened their doors did they found out how much their time is worth. From being the only person in the company not allowed to take breaks or vacation, to the ever constant need to be the sales person, floor sweeper, shelf-stocker, finance person, and customer service representative.

Retainer-based Marketing Solutions

Looking to offload some of the marketing and sales tasks in order to get some of your day back? Voted Small Business of the Year1 in 2015, Bash Foo is uniquely qualified to understand the entrepreneur in you and help you make good choices with your sometimes very small budget.

1 By the Tipp City Chamber of Commerce