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Content Marketing

At Bash Foo, we’re dedicated to helping our clients create dynamic, customized content for social media pages, email marketing campaigns, and websites.

Our Strategy

A Unique Voice for Your Brand
There’s only one way to get killer Google rankings: a unique voice. We create great content with a unique voice that stands out from your competition — ultimately leading to better rankings.

Your brand is all about quality over quantity and the voice of your brand should be, too. We create a unique voice for your brand, keeping your brand’s needs, desires, and story at the forefront of our strategy.

Keyword-Infused Content

Content infused with relevant keywords allows your target audience to reach you. Not only will we generate engaging, relevant content for your brand — that’s a given — we’ll also infuse content with customized, Google-sensitive keywords to help your brand rise to the top.

A Qualified Team of Marketing Experts

Over the last 17 years we’ve hand-picked a select team of experts to tell your story. Our staff of writers and designers will utilize a combination of search engine optimization, striking visuals, and pure style to design content that works exclusively for your brand.

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How Exactly Do We Do It?

Monthly Interviews

We don’t just walk the walk, we talk the talk. We like to get to know our clients by conducting monthly interviews via phone or Skype in order to:

  • Touch on the specifics of your brand and industry
  • Find out what’s important to your brand
  • Determine what trends or trades are relevant for your brand

Content & Social Media

After determining what’s relevant and important to your brand we focus on creating:

  • A thematic list of stories based on your brand for our team of professional writers
  • 400-500 words articles
  • 100 word summaries
  • Dynamic social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) posts and tweets

Your Voice at the Forefront

Our senior copy editor isn’t just a grammar whiz, she’s also a strong advocate for your brand who will ensure each article:

  • Is infused with your brand’s voice
  • Has enough emotion and feeling to engage readers

Diverse Copy

Potential customers interact with your brand at different phases of the conversion funnel, which is why we maintain:

  • Different wording and styles for different content
  • A common theme across digital sites while also taking advantage of the diversity of each platform

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