Yellow Pages are Irrelevant – Yelp Survey

“Internet directories have led to a dramatic decrease in the number of business owners and consumers who use phone books.”

While it seems to be redundant to say things over and over, the good folks at Yelp have helped us out again with a survey on the irrelevance of the Yellow Pages for businesses these days.

It’s true, a client just yesterday said that he has $400/mos. tied up in several Yellow Pages, and no direct customers come from it. Some of our other clients share that they have THOUSANDS tied up in Yellow Pages advertising. I ask them Why? The answer… it is still in the budget from the prior year. It’s past time to look for better hunting grounds my friends, and the Yelp survey is a stark reminder of this.

Yelp Survey

Only 24% of their 3,500+ respondents said “Yes” to the question, “Are yellow page phone books still relevant?”
That’s quite a find. Here are some others:

1) Most business owners don’t think yellow page phone books are useful to them:

“Yellow page phone books are useful to me as a business owner.”
Agree – 11%
Somewhat Agree – 17%
Somewhat Disagree – 19%
Disagree – 52%

2) Only about 10% of business owners use yellow page phone books more than once per month; 3 out of 4 don’t use it at all:

How many times per month do you rely on a yellow page phone book to find a local business?
“Zero” – 75%
“Once” – 14%
“Between two and four times” – 8%
“Five or more times” – 3%

3) Very few business owners believe customers find them using a yellow page phone book.

Estimated percentage of customers who find me using a yellow page phone book.
“0%” – 43%
“1-25%” – 47%
“26-50%” – 5%
“51-75%” – 3%
“76-99%” – 1%
“100%” – 0.1%

The conclusion: Business owners have clearly observed the shrinking relevance of yellow page phone books. As we continue to move away from printed phone books, online and mobile directories will continue to grow as the customer’s choice for local business information.

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