New Years Resolution 5 Ideas to Get your Business Moving

New Years Resolution 5 Ideas to Get your Business MovingOK, so it’s December 30th and the New Year is almost upon us. Many business owners are working today to spend as much money on advertising, office expenses, etc. before they close the books on December with the end goal of clearing as little on-hand cash as possible. Other business owners are probably scratching their head on ways they are going to be successful in the New Year. Whether it’s your life coach, business consultant or wife you can bet they are giving you some sage advice on how to build success and get your business moving.

Here at Bash Foo we try to make things simple.

5 Steps to getting your business moving in the New Year

1. Get a Small Business Website

Regardless of how small your business is, your business needs to first be found on the Internet and then secondly it has to present the company in the very best light. While you are free to create local business listings in Google and Yahoo Local, consumers are increasingly suspicious of businesses that do not have a website. Your website URL is one of the first places that potential employees visit, as well as potential consumers.

2. Have someone competent design your website

As in life, looks aren’t everything. The same goes for web sites. If you are an interior decorator and it looks like a third grader designed your website, your potential clients won’t exactly trust you with their hard earned dough. If you are a restaurateur and don’t have your menu and phone number prominently displayed on your website, shame on you. Your guests are going elsewhere to eat. Make your website a true reflection of your desire to do business with the consumer.  Choose your web design firm wisely.

3. Have a Pro do your SEO

Did you know that search optimization changes almost monthly? Search engines are constantly being tuned to look more heavily at some things and ignore other things. A shop like Bash Foo that specializes in the ninja arts of SEO understands the variables and are able to help you crank traffic to your site. Beware of designers that want to slather junk keywords all over your website. If your website is principally designed to bring relevant information to your potential consumers, you are already making the right moves.

4. Submit yourself to a Search

Unlike a TSA search, submitting your website to search engines does not have to be complicated. You should always, 100% of the time be able to pull up multiple Search Engine Results about your business if you type your business name into any search engine. If you are not able to do so, chances are the search engines don’t know you even exist. Make this a goal in 2011. Get found!

5. Collect your Testimonials

Here at Bash Foo we offer our clients Ratepoint services, but feel free to use any other service that allows your customers to provide input about their shopping/buying experience from you. More and more consumers are becoming distrustful of YOUR marketing message, and are relying more heavily about what others have to say about you. This puts the burden on you in 2011, you must work to blow away the expectations of your customers. If you do so, you will reap the rewards of playing fair and delivering value.

OK, short and sweet folks, 5 ideas to get your business moving in 2011. Now, go and enjoy your family and friends over the long weekend and come back energized and with a plan on how to rock out in 2011!


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