Writing a Standard-Based Press Release


So what do you get when you mix the release of a traditional press release with social media that syndicates the release to all the right people? Well, business success of course!

We love how wildly successful our clients have become using just this technique. Would you like to have your company featured in Forbes or the New York Times, how about on TV on CNBC, NBC, or the Lifetime Channel? Of course, there is always the benefit of driving hundreds more fans to your facebook and web page to constantly receive your news updates.


First things first though.. You have to learn how to write a standards-based press release for your business or organization.

So, what is a press release anyways?

A press release is simply a statement prepared for distribution to the media. Your press release will provide journalists and bloggers information that is useful, accurate and interesting.

All press releases are created using an understandable and “template” formatting for easy reading by the media.

Formatting your press release

Press releases should always be printed on your company letterhead. If you do not have company letterhead, make sure to add your logo in the header of the document. Your branding helps the media to identify your press release quickly. Next, your companies name, web address, location address and phone number should be printed clearly at the top of the page. PRESS RELEASE should be spelled out in all CAPS and centered in bold.

Media Contact

The press release contact person’s name followed by all contact numbers printed clearly underneath. If the press release is for IMMEDIATE RELEASE, say so, on the left margin directly above the title in all caps.


Consider this your headline or title component. It should be centered, and in bold (but not caps). The heading of the press release should capture the journalist in the least amount of words. Don’t be too gimmicky, short, sweet and clear.


The body of the press release begins with the date and city from which the press release originated. The body of the press release is very basic; who, what, where, when and why. The first paragraph of the press release should contain in brief detail what the press release is about. The second paragraph explains, in detail: who cares; why you should care; where one can find it; when it will happen. Also, included in the second ‘informative’ paragraph is generally a quote that gives the release a personal touch. Quotes go a long way with journalists. The third and final paragraph sums up the release with further information on your company along with the company contact information clearly spelled out.

Content Formatting – The content of the press release, beginning with the date and city of origin, should be typed in a clear, standard font with double-spaced paragraphs. If your press release exceeds one page, the second page should indicate ‘Page Two’ in the upper right-hand corner. Journalistic standards also define how a press release should be ended: ###. Three # symbols, centered directly underneath the last line of the release indicate the end.

Your final checklist

  • Company Letterhead, Name, Address, Phone Number, Web Address
  • PRESS RELEASE in all caps
  • Contact Person’s Name and contact info
  • Immediate Release or Release Date (all caps)
  • Date/City followed by;
  • Engaging CONTENT Here
  • Sum it up; let them know about your business…
  • Basic Font, Double Spaced, Page Numbers, and ###

Example Press Release from one of our clients

How Bash Foo fits in…

Bash Foo is able to target media in Ohio, in the region, the US or the World. We hit up print, TV, Radio and bloggers to make sure they have your press release AND how to get hold of you. We then syndicate your message in dozens of social media channels for good measure. Entry level single-state press releases start at $299 without copy-writing services, so write your own.. send it to us and get noticed!


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