Where you Advertise is More Important than What you Advertise

So yesterday I was again asked to defend this statement which sort of goes against all that is holy in the world of sales and advertising.
Unless you are selling a product or service that is entirely unique, and you have no competition in the market, your message of how great your product or service is will always be overshadowed by those that are Kings of Delivery.

Kings of Delivery

Kings of Delivery
Kings of Delivery

Those that are able to identify the medium from which their products or services will be best sold from, inherently win the day regardless of their marketing budget. These entrepreneurs my friends are called Kings of Delivery. YOU want to be a King of Delivery too. These sultans of selectivity have determined which medium to advertise in, whether it be a particular newspaper, TV commercial, radio or Internet advertisement. They have also ensured that their medium is not compromised by the competition. They do this by going hyper-local. If you decide that you get your best return on investment from newspaper advertising for instance, and your competition is also advertising there, you should move your ads from the large market metro publication to the small market publications in the City or Township. While the royal advertising net may be smaller, these rulers of the rational find a greater return on their marketing investment here. This move to hyper-local advertising is not something new, just something protected by those who wield its power.

Awesome Results

Have you ever tried to figure out how wide-market advertising works? Spending large sums of cash to reach tens of thousands of consumers and then returning fractional results many times not equaling the initial advertising investment. The pain you feel comes from two things folks. Not Knowing.. and Cash Investment. Smaller market advertising allows you to take the pain from your advertising efforts providing you with measurable results (that allow you to KNOW) and smaller marketing budgets (reducing the size of your cash investments) You’ll be able to then sleep soundly at night knowing that your advertisements are working and that you can make payroll next month. So how do you accomplish Awesome Results? Well, you have to play the field. Catering to smaller networks of consumers allows you to recognize the results of your advertising efforts however your business may rely on the number of sales to move the needle forward. That’s when you start to involve “multi-modal” advertising. **Yes, another new word from Bash Foo.

Multi-modal Advertising

Consider what the demographics of your key customer is.

Are they wealthy or poor? Where do they live? Where do they worship? Where are they buying groceries? Where do they go for fun? From there you need to extrapolate all of the various niche advertising opportunities are. The church bulletin? Pee-wee baseball jerseys? Sidewalk art? Bus stop billboards? Books of matches? The opportunities are endless and advertising in multiple modes (print, direct mail, lit, signs, etc.) focused on your key customer demographic helps to ensure that those you want seeing your advertising.. Do.

You also accomplish something else with this technique, you stop wasting your time, effort and resources on advertising to those who WON’T buy your product or service.

Consternation Free Advertising

Bash Foo really works to provide small businesses with “consternation free” advertising. We don’t want our clients investing in things that don’t have a remote chance of success. We even waive off those who request that sort of advertising tomfoolery. Only you know what is best for your company, while we know what sorts of marketing efforts will benefit your company. If you are advertising with us, and have anxiety or fear about the dollars you are investing in your marketing campaign, we are doing something wrong. Again, you are either not receiving measurable results, or your campaign expenses are larger than you desire. If you find  yourself in this scenario, give us a call to find out how you can invest in “consternation free” advertising and lose that worried look on your face. Call: 937-573-8535 for a free analysis.

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