When words are not enough

Much of the work that I do involves words.

Making sure that words are crafted in such a way as to invite a reader to explore more, purchase something or get involved. This requires some understanding of the reader, the content involved as well as the level in which I want to connect.

For example, I can connect with readers as a Subject Matter Expert and educate them on a subject. I can connect as a Peer and explore options and topics that are relevant to those at my level. I can also connect as one who knows very little about the subject and is looking for tips or striking up a conversation that will lead to personal growth.

But what happens when words are not enough?

When the connection being sought out is not properly addressed by words. This can be a big disconnect for social media marketing folks. Many choose to drop phone numbers, but that is  a cold and unfeeling transfer. Who knows if the connection will really be made.. Others motivate those interested into networking events.”Come and meet me (us)!!” But what if your audience is not willing or able to be wooed at a TGI Friday’s? Not everyone feels comfortable in those social settings.

When words are not enough

Options. There are so many out there yet many companies never explore but one or two. Here are some examples from my experience. I have two phone numbers. One rings to me directly, and the other goes right to a very nicely built voice-mail system (Google Voice).

One of my biggest personal and professional references is LinkedIn. I have no less than 30 searches each week for me that turn out 10-12 direct connections.It is my most important professional reference site. Go see who is searching for you, and try to connect with them!

Voice and Touch. Even though we have these really cool social media networks, you still can gain advantage (pronounced sales) over others by simply being in the right place at the right time. Opportunities come to those that seek them out, not those that sit them out. Even with the swine-flu scare, those willing to shake hands and trade compliments were successful.

If you are looking for strategies to build your brand and introduce new people to your products and services.. give me a call 937-573-8535, visit my social media sites or take a moment and approach me in the bazaar of the real world. To make things easier, I update my Facebook profile VERY regularly as to where I am at. I try not to be as hard to find as Waldo.

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