What Users Want from a Digital Marketing Campaign in 2017

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Even in the last few months, digital marketing has continued its shape-shifting ways. It’s not at all uncommon for businesses to realize that their 2015 or even 2016 strategies are now irrelevant.

Thanks to shifts in consumer demands and new technological features, new digital marketing campaigns should cover these aspects:

Brand values

Brand values have never been more important. We’ve been saying this for years, but the current political climate emphasizes them even more.

We don’t recommend, of course, that you directly talk politics with your followers. But they’re going to want to see some social responsibility on your part. According to this recent Econsultancy article, for example, the majority of consumers now want to see brands minimize their environmental impact:

“The results of a 2,000 consumer survey show that people are increasingly abandoning brands that do not demonstrate social responsibility, with 63% believing brands should give back to society and 80% stating they must take steps to minimize environmental impact. The study also revealed a general level of skepticism towards brands, with 65% believing brands overstate their environmental credentials and 45% admitting to being cynical about brands that overtly claim to support good causes.”

Again, we don’t want to get into politics. Environmentalism is just one form of social responsibility people want to see. Your other options include:

  • Volunteering in local events
  • Setting up a charity fundraiser event
  • Donating a small percentage of your profits to worthwhile causes
And where’s a better place to brag about your efforts than social media? Don’t worry, you won’t come off as boastful. This is what people want to see!


A mobile-friendly website just doesn’t cut it anymore. Since people now spend more time on their smartphones, they’d rather use sites that were designed specifically for mobile devices.

Marketers have called this the transition from mobile-friendly to mobile-first. And it doesn’t just affect your website design, either.

Want to send out a new marketing email? You should assume the majority of your subscribers will open it with a phone. Want to share content on social media? Most of those clicks are going to come from smartphones and tablets.

Live video

A live streaming video provides a unique opportunity to every business that’s brave enough to embrace it. If you approach it with the right strategy, then it’s a great way to engage and interact with users as well as get tons of feedback for your brand.

This recent Forbes article talks about how live streaming is dominating digital marketing. The article explains that it builds transparency and creates organic interaction with followers:

“When live streaming fully takes off, it will be a valuable tool for marketers across the board to enrich the customer experience. What live video does best is enable brands to build transparency, create organic interaction and allow users to partake in brand storytelling. It’s a kind of digital connectedness that has never been offered before.”

Those two points cannot be any more important. Building transparency goes right along with the brand values we talked about early. You can use live video to show them in action and share them with your followers.

The second point, organic interaction, is what social media is all about. It’s difficult to get followers to talk to you. That’s why businesses create content — to spark a conversation and get insights from their followers.

Live streaming just so happens to be an extremely effective form of content creation. It requires some designing and planning but absolutely justifies those costs.

The way users approach brands on social media is constantly changing, but for today’s landscape, these are some of the most important aspects. To talk more about digital marketing, or anything else, contact us today.

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