What are the Top Digital Marketing trends?

What are the Top Digital Marketing trends?

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The key take-away from this article is how the company blog is truly the center point for a successful digital advertising media campaign. Without a blog the companies out there dabbling in SM will quickly find that their efforts are wasted and consider them unwarranted in the short term.

If your company is not really desiring a two way conversation with consumers about their product or their industry, they should not even begin to enter the SM space. The last thing you want to see in a digital community is someone “telling you something”, without ever listening. For those companies, other traditional adverising is for you. Pay Per Click, Affiliate, etc.

My job as Community Manager is to add focus for these companies who are interested in beginninng a conversation with consumers as well as to moderate these multi-faceted conversation to ensure a lively, interactive and positive social experience. In the long run, this is what your followers desire. SM is not a popularity contest where the most followers wins. I could easily work to get thousands of electronic accounts to look at my clients updates on Twitter, Facebook, etc. The trick is to get these followers talking and sharing information about your coompany and its products. The viral nature of interesting information that engages the reader well surpasses the benefits gained simply from a high follower count.

SM has never been about the One to Many equasion. It has always been about the Many to Many interaction.

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