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As a marketer, for any business, it is your job to successfully engage your company or client’s consumers. This holds true throughout every medium. Whether you’re creating an interactive video or writing content, it is important to capture your audience’s attention so that they will want to check out your content in the first place. This usually begins with the headline of your particular article, blog, video, etc.

Building a clickable headline is an important task. This part of the process is often thrown quickly together and not given much thought. However, if the headline is unimaginative, dull or confusing then all the work you did to create the content is for nothing as the consumer will most likely not read or view what you have to say. Including specific words in your headline will also improve your search engine rankings. Here three suggestions of what to include in web headlines that will get consumers clicking.


This is probably the most commonly used technique to collect more clicks. Using questions will always be engaging to consumers. The question mark and the five Ws to begin a sentence will attract users to your article. The problem is that because this method is used so often, you have to be strongly creative in how you write these headlines. Don’t use this as a ploy to get more clicks, instead use it as a means to use your content to primarily answer a question that relates to your audience.


Using numbers in a headline indicates a list will follow. In a world where attention spans are getting shorter and shorter this usually means users are more likely to view the content. Lists are highly popular and they engage and appeal to our brains more than wordy articles. Only use lists when they are appropriate, for example, when you actually need to list something. Your audience will be able to tell if you are squeezing out information just so you could have a list. Each item must be engaging and of importance.

How To/Call To Action

Engaging consumers is a marketers job, but that doesn’t mean you have to do everything for them. Many love to be told how they can help or accomplish something on their own. If you are a strong authority in your industry then this shouldn’t be a problem. Placing the words, “How to…” in the  front of a headline will show your audience that you took an idea and made it simple and practical for them to achieve.

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