Web Design is About Function, not Flash

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 Web Design is About Function, not Flash

Beauty is only skin deep, is the common saying, and this is also true when it comes to web development. Many developers focus on visually stunning design, but what good is having an amazing looking website if your visitors are unable to navigate it properly, find it confusing, or the site itself has buggy features?

What’s important?

The truth is, creating a website which looks appealing is actually not the most crucial element of design, and if you truly want to come up with a website people will want to use, it needs to have more to it than just the superficial. Never sacrifice usability in favor of beauty.

The main goal of developing a website is to enhance the experience of the user. In simpler terms, it’s all about creating a balance between beauty and functionality in web design.

What is functionality?

Remember the old text-based, dull yet extremely functional websites that looked basic and terrible? That’s not what we mean by ‘functionality.’ However, if you want your website to be a success, you will need it to be user intuitive and responsive.

Your website should have a clear theme that is consistent with your branding. Think about taking various elements and intelligently putting them together to get your message across without pushing it in people’s faces. If you have a design element which actually takes away from your site’s user friendliness, the best option you have is to get rid of it.

Keep them coming back

Your main goal is to make your website easy for your visitors to use. They don’t need to be daunted by complicated design and difficult to use features. The trick is creating a website which people want to revisit and is a joy to use, and it goes a lot deeper than mere looks.

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