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With the release of Google Glass to the public earlier this spring, it has many businesses thinking about the importance of wearable technology. What does it mean for business and is it a good invest for companies to use it to reach more customers? These technologies can be great for a more hands on experience, making the web and other digital features even more accessible than they were before.

Much of the wearable technology is not completely available to the masses. Most of them are in the beta testing phase, but that doesn’t always mean businesses can’t get ahold of them. Google Glass is on sale for a limited time and fitness technologies such as Fitbit are readily available for all. All technologically advanced businesses should keep an eye out for the technologies that are still in the testing phase or haven’t finished completion yet.

The immediacy of these devices will prove to be great for businesses. If you are out of the office or are busy with other things, these technologies will allow for quicker access to the information you are trying to obtain as well as making the process in sharing information with your customers easier.

The smart watches market is starting to grow and is something businesses should look into. It is a device that you will always have on you and allows slightly quicker accessibility to apps and email.

Like smart watches, wearable technology is less of a distraction. If you’re in a meeting and needed to access information, you could keep the connection to who you are talking with instead of putting up a barrier like smartphones and tablets do sometimes. In the end wearable technology will take some time to get used to, but that shouldn’t stop companies from researching their benefits and exploring how it would best suit their company.

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