4 Better Ways to Nurture Your Email List for Engagement and Growth

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We can agree that building your email list is the lifeline to your business. Executing a well-planned email strategy creates amazing returns in your marketing including customer loyalty, repeat sales, returning website visitors (improving SEO ranking), and being viewed as an expert and reliable source in your industry. You can catapult your business success simply by honing your email marketing and focusing on fostering relationships with your subscribers.

The key here is through cultivation. You see, by sharing content that offers value, solves problems, and engages your recipients, you will strategically move them closer to the buying decision. Your messages keep them connected with your brand. The more value you offer, the more likely they are to open and engage with your email.

Growing your lead count is meaningless if you don’t have a strategy in place that converts them into customers. However, through proper nurturing techniques, they will look forward to hearing from you. Here are five ways to increase engagement and generate sales from your email marketing.

#1 Create a Welcome Series

Having a welcome series that greets your new subscribers dramatically separates you from competitors and puts your brand in a good light with your potential customer. As the name states, these emails are friendly, inviting, and gives them a taste of your brand culture. You will set the stage of excellence through a well-crafted welcome campaign.

Use this opportunity to introduce yourself and how you help your customers (remember, it’s about them). Tell your story, having each post build on the previous one. Consider giving a 5-part training series or advice in your related niche. The beauty is you can be as creative and unique as you’d like! As a result, you’ll improve your open rates and your list will be more receptive upcoming sales promotions and events in the future.

#2 Publish Monthly Newsletters

There are huge benefits to sharing monthly eNewsletters with your subscribers. This is an ideal platform to keep your list in the know and connected to the happenings of your industry and company. You’ll bolster thought-leadership by sharing articles (yours along with authoritative sites), drive traffic to your site, and increase sales.

A newsletter campaign is a winning strategy for boosting engagement and growth for your business. It builds the expectation with your audience…they’ll be waiting for their newsletter to hit at the same time each month. Do you see how this could positively impact your engagement?

The following offers strong key pointers when putting together your monthly newsletter:

  • Use colorful, compelling design and templates that exude your brand and captures attention
  • Share company news, customer testimonials, and industry-related content
  • Also, curate content to highlight the best sources in your niche
  • Promote your popular blog posts
  • Include large, distinct call-to-action buttons
  • Showcase team members and/or employees to further humanize your brand

#3 Segment Your List

Did you know that email segmentation is a killer growth hacking tactic that will significantly improve your bottom line? In fact, marketers have noted a 760% increase in revenue from segmented campaigns. Hubspot reported that segmented and targeted emails generate a whopping 58% of all revenue!

Email segmentation allows you to create personalized messages that speaks directly to the person receiving the email. It’s tailored to their interests, wants and likes. They’re more apt to respond and take action versus a generic message created for your entire list.

Here are a few category suggestions on ways to segment your list:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Demographics (city, region, state, or neighborhoods)
  • Career
  • Preferred or Loyal Customers
  • Past Purchases (for upselling opportunities)
  • Buyer Personas (if you have multiple ones)
  • Subscriber content interest (notice the types of content they click on the most)

#4 Promote Evergreen Content

Evergreen content, or content that is always relevant, should always be in rotation with your list. These blog posts are usually product based or brand, company, or industry related topics. Evergreen content performs well when its long-form, delving deep into the subject matter and offering immense value to its readers.

Keep in mind that your list is constantly growing; new people are always being added. Evergreen posts are great content pieces for your autoresponder campaign since most of your new leads may not have had the chance to engage with these pots.

One final thing to mention is that people tend to forget something you may have shared months ago. Promoting your evergreen blog content continues to educate your audience, serve as a reminder, and is certainly fresh content for your new subscribers.


Nurturing your email list is just as important as growing your subscriber numbers. By regularly sharing useful content that informs, solves problems, and inspires, you’ll keep your brand in the forefront with your leads. When they’re ready to buy, they’ll turn to you because you’ve been feeding them value and want to do business with you. Soon, you’ll build a loyal customer-base who refer you to their family and friends.

Choose 2-3 of the tactics outlined, test them with your list over a period of time, and discover what creates the most engagement and sales. Keep what works and refine what isn’t. With consistency, you will create the winning formula that transforms your list into a sales-generating machine.

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