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In an age where efficiency and quickness are valued more than almost anything else, marketers strive to perfect these factors when conveying their message to the public. In fact, there is a growing trend that the social content presented to the public is attributing to the decision making process of consumers. More and more people are using social media, a media outlet that is built on quickness, efficiency and simplicity, to help them towards a decision on a purchase. The most popular brands in the world, Apple and Google for example, value simplicity and their success has proven why.

The growing popularity of social media video, such as Instagram and Vine, or even the rise in usage of infographics has shown that quick and easy-to-understand content is ruling in the digital marketing world. This is due to the fact that it is getting harder for marketers to capture the attention of audiences. With all of this quick and easy content available attention spans are getting shorter. Mobile devices and tablets are growing in their popularity, so if you want to reach consumers, you must deliver quick and effective content.

Consumers are looking for something that they can easily comprehend. If they can grasp the information then they are more likely to share it. If they spend too much time trying to figure out your message, then will be less likely to buy into your campaign and will definitely not share it with others. Make your videos captivating in a limited amount of time. If you have to think about whether the consumer needs to know about a piece of information, then chances are you probably shouldn’t include it.

As consumers ourselves we may notice that if an ad isn’t interesting enough or is dragging out its point, then we will lose interest. Consumers want their information delivered to them quickly. But as the creators of the content it has its advantages as well. Producing less content for the sake of simplicity and holding the consumers attention will mostly cheapen costs in your marketing schemes. So fortunately for the expenses in your digital marketing campaigns, less is not more.

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