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OK, I thought I would never do it.. In fact I have taught those in my marketing classes that you shouldn’t have to separate your business and personal persona’s online. This evening I created a business Twitter account @bashfoo separate from my personal twitter account @Delta40 (which has over 3,500 followers)

After some recent conversations with peers and some detailed analysis of online conversations (particularly ones on Twitter) I have identified a couple of reasons why separating your personal and business personas may be a good thing. (and they are not the reasons you would think)

1. Number and Frequency of Messages. A funny thing occurs for people with 100 followers that does not occur for those that have many thousands. If you are a frequent tweeter, you may add updates to a followers queue faster than they are willing to accept them. While I usually tweet 20-25 messages a day, they cover a myriad of themes and topics. Even if the topics are varied, all of my low count followers get inundated with updates from … well mainly from me. Separating personal from business messaging theoretically cuts my number and frequency in half. A smart choice.

2. High Expectations. Those that expect to hear my funny quips and business conversation have also had to endure my political rants, family goofing-around and local sports and entertainment news. While these conversations are all 100% genuine, they do not serve to baseline expectations for an audience. And unlike #1, this is not an issue about “Too Much Information”, this is all about “Staying on Target”.

3. Conversational Depth. I have always been hesitant to dip too deeply into complex marketing topics, business strategies or client profiling with my wide array of personal followers. Really, they don’t care and could very easily start tuning me out and then blocking my stream.

Therefore, learning from these shortcomings, I have decided to crack open another Twitter account to converse on business topics and retain my primary account to handle all my “eating a peanut butter and jelly sandwich” updates. Fans of @Delta40 will continue to receive my frequent and fun conversations. Fans of my company, Bash Foo Social Media will get treated to a much deeper conversation to help progress their business or their “social life”.

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