Twitter Advertising Examples



Twitter Advertising Examples

Twitter is one of the powerhouses of social media at the moment. Although Facebook still has more users and is producing more ad revenue, Twitter is still managing to pull in some revenue of its own. Twitter executes it plan differently though. The ads are implemented right into the timeline of Twitter, so they not only fit in but aren’t distracting the viewer’s experience. Whether the ads are promoted by Twitter or only reach your followers and the ones who have retweeted your message, it can have a strong impact if the scheme is carried out correctly. Even though Twitter may have a little catching up to do with Facebook in terms of business, we found some examples of those who have successfully executed their advertisement campaigns on Twitter.


One of the most popular Twitter advertising campaigns in recent memory, Esurance was brilliant in their post-Super Bowl advertisement. They bought the first commercial after the Super Bowl had ended, which saved them, 30%, approximately $1.5 million. They wanted to show their efficiency in the way they do their business, so they offered the $1.5 million they saved to users who tweeted the hashtag, #EsuranceSave30. This creative campaign had millions of users using the hashtag and tweeting about Esurance, hoping to be the lucky one to win the prize. The idea was so creative that even though many thought they were entering to win over a million dollars, they were really advertising for Esurance.

LG Ticket Hunter

Probably one of the most unique Twitter advertising campaigns was LG’s ‘Ticket Hunter’ treasure hunt using Twitter and a hashtag created by the company. The big name electronic company placed popular concert tickets in a random stall in the UK. LG placed a map online and would zoom in on the location of the tickets whenever someone would use the hashtag, #LGTicketHunter. The treasure hunt lasted five days and the hashtag was mentioned 50,000 times.

Starbucks Tweet A Coffee

Similar to Esurance, Starbucks’ idea had a lot to do with timing. Starbucks used the holidays and Twitter to easily give a gift to a friend. Starbucks created a Twitter account, @TweetACoffee, so users could tweet to that account with someone they know or admires name, so their friend could receive a $5 electronic gift card. The most effective part of this campaign is that coincided with the holiday season, where everyone is consciously thinking about gifts to give others.

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