Techrigy SM2 and Social Analytics

If you have ever been asked to identify the Return on Investment (ROI) of a social media campaign, you probably have looked at tools like Techrigy’s SM2 product.

While community managers beat the “electronic pavement” every day to enhance and moderate brand dialogues, what is running in the background is clearly important. It sets the tone for the B2B relationship as well as enables the community manager to set a baseline for success.

I actually backed into the relationship with Techrigy. Early this year I struggled with a number of different business analytics and met up with Connie Bensen @cbensen on Twitter. Our tweets led me to her site where I discovered some blog articles that were just what I needed. Connie (on Twitter) let me know about a meetup in Toledo where her boss Aaron Newman, CEO and Founder of Techrigy, would be speaking. As my calendar was free and the weather was nice I took the 3-hour drive up to Toledo to meet Aaron. He provided us with a bit of insight as to how his software analyzes and captures components of social demographics that other tools do not. When was the last time that you saw software that could correctly identify consumer sentiment? The only component of consumer sentiment that SM2 seems to miss on is humor and innuendo. So a comment on Twitter like “I LOVE it when my PC blue-screens!” is classified as a positive sentiment. Knowing this Aaron allows you to make manual corrections to the data with a thumbs up/thumbs down click.

I use Techrigy’s SM2 product to identify all of the keyword opportunities that my clients’ current SEO optimization plan has missed. Specifically, it will tell me what sort of phraseology consumers use to not only “search on” but also “comment on” inside of blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. I am amazed sometimes at the varied types of social platforms that SM2 can dig into. I am presented with a very unique and valuable look at consumer metrics that Google Analytics fails on. If you are just building a business plan or thinking about expanding your operations, I have found that SM2 does a great job of letting you know what your consumers may think of your new ideas.

You rarely get to vet the CEO of a company before the product, and I can assure you that I was pleased with the quality and capability of both in this case.

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