<Social TV for Events and Venues

Social TV for Events and Venues

social-tvYou’ve heard us stress the importance of “engaging your audience” in blog articles, social media, and email marketing campaigns.
But if you are an event planner or venue owner, engaging that audience online so they come to your event or venue is one thing, keeping them engaged while they are there  is an entirely different animal.

For Example:
As the owner of Skully’s Bar, Dana knows that once a visitor becomes a customer, her responsibilities of engagement hasn’t ended. She has to make sure the guest is served what they want, has an excellent service experience, and the guest finds Skully’s to be clean and welcoming. But there is more isn’t there? Dana wants that guest to feel like they are a part of Skully’s and that we appreciate their patronage. Maybe Dana can extend that guest a small discount upon their return, or a free appetizer. After all, she knows the cost of keeping a customer is far less than the cost of obtaining a new customer.

Enter Social TV for Events and Venues

This cutting-edge TV service provisions a way for event and venue owners to put on their big screens information about an event, shout-outs to advertisers, discounts, and social engagement. Wait. What is the social engagement bit? Well, any time the guest Tweets or Instagrams an image or video with your custom #hastag, their photo or video will show up on your big screen(s). It gives your guest that one 7 second long vanity moment to have their image or video play out on the big screen.

Who can benefit from Social TV?

Event managers and planners

Keeping your event upbeat and your guests engaged during lulls in the action can be complicated, and often impossible to prevent. Social TV provides them with a fun and engaging way to advertise the event you are managing, as well as their participation at the event. I mean, how many times have you had an event with hundreds of attendees only to find that by the next day, nobody bothered to tweet or instagram photos from the event/venue? It’s like the event/fund raiser never even happened.

Venue Owners

Own or manage a bar, restaurant or hotel? Consider adding Social TV for your guests and encourage social engagement. I mean, how many times does your guest really want to watch the same SportCenter highlight reels rotate? Maybe when the game is not on, you allow them to take a proud photo of their #frostymug or #deliciousappetizer and hashtag it with your business name. In doing so they align themselves with the venue, you have a record of the interaction and can remarket to them using discounts or kind words directly to their social media account, and have a great bit of user generated content (UGC) to help encourage engagement from others in your establishment.

  • More than one TV? No problem.
  • More than one location? No problem.  Manage each one individually, or as a whole.
  • Want to rotate advertisement/sponsors between social postings? No problem.
  • Want to offer deals that require the users to tweet/instagram? No problem.

How does it work?

Using either an Amazon Firestick (with no PC) or by Chromecast (with a PC/MAC) you can project your account onto any TV with WiFi internet access.

Contact Bash Foo today to discuss pricing and options for Social TV for Events and Venues

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