Social Media – Who’s doing it right, and who’s not

Just like riding a skateboard or decorating a cake, sometimes social media is best learned by watching someone else. What to do, and (unfortunately) what not to do. Here are some examples from the best in the business, and a few train wrecks so you don’t have to learn these lessons the hard way.

IKEA’s Facebook Showroom.
In what was one of the greatest social media campaigns to date, IKEA invited users to browse photos of a new showroom and tag themselves in the photos. The twist that sent the campaign viral was that the first user to tag their name on a product won it. As users tagged themselves in pictures, the photos showed up in their friends’ newsfeeds. Thousands of users engaged with the campaign in just a few days.

Cadbury’s chocolate “like”.
Cadbury took one of the most common problems in social media- lack of engagement with fans- and introduced one of the most innovative solutions. To celebrate reaching 1 million fans on Facebook, Cadbury decided to, of course, build a giant Facebook “like” thumb out of chocolate. In a studio decked out with fan-generated content and photos, the chocolate artists live streamed the project and took suggestions and requests from fans during construction. As a result, Cadbury landed 40,000 new fans and engaged with over 350,000 users during the project.

The Old Spice guy.
This was a great commercial on television, but on social media it went absolutely viral (clocking over 46 million views on YouTube). Not to mention engaging roughly half the internet on Reddit, Twitter, and Facebook…all with overwhelmingly positive responses (when does that ever happen?). The campaign won the whole world over by perfectly balancing engagement with celebrities and us commoners over different social media platforms. Most of the campaign had almost nothing to do with the product and everything to do with the brand, but it turned Old Spice from grandpa’s brand into the most amazing brand ever.

And… who is failing.

Amy’s Baking Company.
People who had never heard of Kitchen Nightmares, Gordon Ramsay… ok, people who had never heard of Reddit heard about this one. After filming (and quitting) a reality TV show in record time, owners Amy and Sammy managed to pick one massive fight with users on Facebook, Yelp, Reddit, and Twitter. After managing to offend pretty much the entire internet, the couple quickly invoked the “we’ve been hacked” defense and called on the FBI to come to their aid. If you learn nothing else, please note that ALL CAPITALS IS ALWAYS A BAD IDEA.

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