Social Media Tips for Recruiters

I was asked on Friday by a private recruiting firm exactly how Social Media could find better-qualified candidates, and obtain them quicker. Of course, while time to money is important, I wanted to identify what other areas were key in recruiting the best and the brightest.

Who participates?

By definition, social media is meant to be consumed by choice, not by force. Therefore, your job candidates may participate in one social networking site or many or not at all, The information they post about themselves may be different based on the type of site. For example, LinkedIn participants tend to focus on business and professional networking, while Facebook and myspace communities seem to be more focused around getting back in touch and entertainment topics.


So is social media really “just for kids”?

From this data you can discern that if you are seeking employees with less than 5-6 years experience that facebook and myspace are great options to explore. Twitter users tend to be a mixture of tech-savvy adults around 30 years old and LinkedIn users are on average about 40 years old. If your job search requires 10+ years experience in the field, LinkedIn is a perfect tool to search out and find veteran candidates.

One thing to note in all Social Media sites is a trend towards older users. facebook actually has seen a 276% growth in the 35-54 year-old demographic this year (2009)


  • The best candidate for your job opportunity may not even participate in Social Media sites.
  • Not every social networking site is equal. Social Media specialists and Community Managers are able to best provide guidance as to which sites to use to maximize your results.
  • Social Networking is gaining acceptance and wider use by job seekers with more than 10 years experience. As such, they as a community are demanding better tools and ways to reach employers and further simplifying the recruitment process.

If you are a recruiting firm looking for further guidance on how to use social networking sites to harvest qualified candidates, give me a call. Don’t waste your time trying to do it yourself.

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