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Facebook stock price

OK. Let's get the record straight. Social Media is NOT just Facebook. And because Facebook stock goes down, it does not mean that inbound marketing is losing steam. On the contrary, it may be demonstrating that the plate is full and a whole new social strategy and toolset is ready to just bust out and take the lead.

Hootsuite is doing a nice job. They are taking some solid moves to aggregate function, making logging into Facebook or any other social tool almost unnecessary. Hootsuite is consolidating functions, but is it FUN? While some may say yes, others are yearning for the mainstreaming of the Flipboard-style graphic heavy browsing and sharing experience.

Like I tell my students at Edison Community College, it's not about the tools you use to communicate, it's about the communication itself. For example, the massive explosion of users in Facebook (1 billion) is not due to people with PC's with hardline internet over Cable or DSL, it's due to third-world populations using their mobile phones and connecting in with the OAUTH API's and the multiplicity of functions. Whether by phone or by hard line, the tools just enable the conversation.

As a business owner, I have to hope is that whatever tools are being used to market my business that they will deliver a strong, consistent and predictable amount of leads to meet my business goals. Right now, I couldn't do without the presence of social media that consistently delivers 40% of my leads to my door. Next year? Or in three years? Who knows what the tools will be called, what is imperative is that we use them to effectively market our business.


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