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Social media data & analytics

The importance of social media for your company is at an all time high as much of America is engaged in one form or another. However, using social media isn’t enough to get a step up on competitors. You have to know how to use it well. Luckily there are several tools available to businesses on social media that make analyzing your company’s social media that explain the best way to communicate your company’s message to consumers.

All the statistics and analytics available on social media can be overwhelming. You have to be able to filter through certain information to get to the tools that fit your needs the best. Some of the tools available will cost monthly fees, but there are great tools out there for free. Below are some of the top free social media analytic tools.

A very popular, though sometimes controversial, form of social media analytics is Klout will measure your social media influence by combining all the forms of social media you use and give you a score of 1-100 of how influential you are. The higher the score, the more influence you have on social media.

There are also many sites that will measure what time the most users see your content after it is posted. They will also track how well users respond to your content. Social Mention tracks who is talking about your company through social media. This will allow you to understand some of your influence and how it can affect individual consumers.

Hootsuite is another popular analytic tool. It pulls information from many forms of social media, eventually leading your company to targeting the users who are most likely to buy your product or campaign.

There are many social media tools out there to help your company grow. You have to decide which ones will measure the correct type of data for your particular needs. The analytics that measure your reach and influence or where you should be targeting your content will serve your company’s growth the best and place it in the right direction.

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