Social Media Blogging Guidelines to Grow Your Business


Social media has become one of the fastest ways to disseminate information to a targeted audience quickly. If you follow recommended social media blogging guidelines, your business can see a significant growth pattern within a few months. Social media outlets allow your employees to interact directly with a targeted prospect and customer base, getting immediate feedback that will aid in defining your product and service offerings.

Social media posts give companies opportunities that they may not get anywhere else including personalizing company staff, unique prospect targeting, engaging current customers and amplifying your brand. In fact, finding unique methods of engaging current and potential customers with your brand is a large part of social media blogging.

Expanding Your Brand’s Reach

Getting people to talk about your brand is serious business. With social media, a successful post can go viral, putting your brand in front of hundreds of thousands of people within hours. Learning how to use social media websites is critical in obtaining marketing goals and driving traffic to your website and brick and mortar locations.

Who Should Post on Social Media?

Every company handles social media in a different way, and you have to decide what methods work best for your own business. However, having several people post about your business from varying points of view is recommended. These people should be personable, yet offer content that will interest and engage their targeted audience.

Getting Employees Involved

We recommend allowing your employees access to social media networks where your customers and potential customers can be found. Those social sites are different for every industry and business in that industry. Depending on your targeted demographic, not every social media site is ideal. With proper training and a social media marketing plan, your company can increase the reach of your marketing and potentially start new prospects on the path of your sales funnel.

Customer Service and Engagement

Part of promoting and managing your brand is providing a high level of customer service and responding to customer inquiries rapidly. Social media has become an active and positive force in providing high-quality customer service and direct interaction between customers and service representatives.

Companies that choose to interact with social media and focus their attention on high-quality service and responsiveness are achieving positive growth of new customers and a higher retention of existing customers. Social media gives satisfied customers a chance to “spread the word” to friends and relatives, netting personal referrals and positive “buzz.”

Making Business Personal

Personalization and customization are rising trends in many industries. New technology has made custom orders easier to fulfill than ever before. Social media can add personalization to your company’s brand by adding faces to marketing through employee and customer posts. Individual reviews and social media posts are often used by new prospects to get a feel for how companies do business and who the people are that they will be dealing with. In fact, increasing numbers of customers make a buying decision before they ever contact a business or step into a store.

Are You Ready to Grow Your Business?

Our expertise and experience in social media blogging and engagement can help you grow your business. You can start by downloading our Social Media and Blogging Guidelines report.

Our Social Media and Blogging Guidelines report will provide you the jumpstart you need with social media marketing.

Download our Social Media and Blogging Guidelines report.

Once downloaded, you can customize the guide for your organization and add it to your company’s Internet Use Policy documentation.

Don’t Forget!

Having your employees talk about their employer online can be a fantastic way to boost morale, engage prospective employees and build your brand. Let your employees know how important their voices are to you and your organization.

As always, have an attorney review contractual agreements with your employees.

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