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The birth of social media has brought so many new possibilities and has allowed for much more creativity in business than arguably any other moment in history. Immediacy, knowledge, trust and support are just a few of the ways social media has bridged the gap between the business and its consumers. Social media is a sure-fire way to actively stay engaged with your consumers and improve on the relationship between company and customer. Social customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on building or improving a relationship with consumers via social media and the end result would be generating a new lead or purchase.

If companies are using social media to give feedback on services and products then this will develop a level of trust between the consumer and the business. It’s one thing to use a product and read what the business has to say about it on an often static website, but if your company is interacting with consumers about products they hope to or have already purchased, then this creates a new level of trust and intimacy.

Two-way communication is key for any business to become successful. Companies must know what the customers want or thinks about their products in order to make progressive improvements. Businesses also have to communicate what their company’s brand is and the direction they are moving toward the future. This helps establish authority in their particular industry as well as trust and understanding between them and the consumer.

Social CRM isn’t just for B2C companies, but it also is a must for B2B companies. The way you communicate with another business or client can teach them how to effectively interact with their consumers. Interactions and relationships are highly valued in B2B marketing, so social CRM is important. Either way, social engagement with consumers and clients go past the initial stage of what a product or service is. It dives deeper into how to best use a service or product, creating a relationship along the way and converting users into consumers.

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