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We Have Your SignAfter about 2 months of applications, forms, meetings and fees we finally have our sign installed here at our office in beautiful downtown Tipp City, Ohio. Our friends at Insignia Signs made our sign for us. Beyond having signs made so people know where our offices are, signs can have a big impact on your reputation.


Signs haven’t really changed their marketing importance in the past 2,000 years. They still are the keystone for any brick-and-mortar business that wants to gain foot traffic to their location. Our use of a sign is a bit different however, our sign demonstrates a presence in the downtown and it also acts as a guidepost for our clients that come in from all parts of Ohio to visit. Just consider it our RL (Real Life) Avatar. Our sign just like many others communicate a form of reputation. The key element is the Logo, by which others will recognize you. The secondary elements are a description of what we do (since ‘Bash Foo’ isn’t exactly chock-full of information) and then a way to contact us (phone and website) when we are away from the office.

It’s What We Do

In the past month, we have had 5 new small businesses turn over their electronic reputations to Bash Foo. That responsibility is taken VERY seriously while our execution of the management of that reputation may occur in some very untraditional means. Geo-tagging, deal marking and shortened URL tracking is added to electronic testimonials to further spread the good word of our clients. We call the result – Bash Foo (of course) but what it really is a randomly seeded accounting of reputation within Google, Buzz, Yelp, Facebook and Twitter. Our analyst then feeds various other engines to further syndicate the reputation messaging. That adage that your name has to be seen 6 times before a customer makes a buy decision is accelerated by reputation scores. Cutting the time to conversion is just as important for the local hardware store as it is for a restaurant or doctor’s office.

If you want a new sign, contact Mike at Insignia and let him know that Bash Foo sent you. If you need your RL reputation to get seeded online, just call us. (478) BASHFOO (227-4366)

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