Should Municipalities use Social Media – Chapter 3

What seems to now be an every month occurrence, I have something to say about Municipalities and Cities using Social Media to inform, educate and interact.

Chapter 3 is just a brief update on the use of Social Media by my hometown, the City of Tipp City. I introduced them to using social media tools in September and they have been able to chart a course of communication and interaction with residents. Their facebook page allows them to share information with residents outside the circle of the webmaster. They are not waiting for an update to be made to their site, they are getting the word out quickly and effectively. Tipp City is also using their facebook page to share traffic and road closure information as well as the plowing/salting schedule during the winter months.

Should Municipalities use Social Media – Chapter 3Most recently, the City of Tipp City requested that our local online news source TippNews DAILY publish a poll for residents to respond to. The poll was asking residents whether they wanted the City to change the logo that had been in place for several decades. 47 residents responded, mostly affirming the support by Tipp City residents in favor of the new logo. City Council now prepares to take into account the results of the poll (however unscientific it was) in their move to accept and endorse the new city image.

The Bottom-line

The City of Tipp City does not seek to create animosity with residents when they make decisions about their image (changing the logo), and they want to ensure that as many residents are aware of what is going on within the city limits that may impact them directly (traffic, roads, etc). So, the formula for success now appears to be:

Accepted Social Media resource (facebook, TippNews DAILY) + A Message to or Interaction with Residents = Meeting (or exceeding) Objectives for Communication by the City and Council

As more and more users jump on the Social media sites like facebook and TippNews DAILY, we will see them take a more commanding role in the lives of Residents who will now seek out and expect to be notified of these events.

The watermark for communication with Residents has moved, and Tipp City has moved with it.

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