Why SEO Results are a Long Term Investment

Those who start SEO should understand the field of play

Probably the most daunting task when dealing with a new client regarding SEO is to describe for them exactly what to expect. What makes it even more difficult is when the conversation starts out like, “OK, I am ready to do some SEO, let’s do this for a couple months and once I am on Page 1, I should be able to ride it out”.

I know right? It’s really not that simple, and it’s definitely not that short term. If you want to conquer your foes online, you better suit up and be in it to win it.

The Speed of Business

Much of this realization is that even if Bash Foo kicks it into overdrive for the client, pushing semantic keyword research, blog posting, site analysis, fixing all the small stuff, and then coming up with a comprehensive strategy; time must still be given (sometimes lots of time) for the search engines to re-balance all that work that was just performed. Consider the growth of Google relevance and trust factors like a patient recovering from a long, invasive surgery. Every day will be a struggle, but the patient (and your site) will grow stronger, healthier day by day until both can achieve higher goals. A lack of surgery for the patient, and a lack of SEO for your site, could be a death sentence for both as others around them work hard to get the treatment (and optimization) that they need to remain at the top of their game..

Let’s Put Up Lots of Stuff!

[dt_quote type=”pullquote” layout=”left” font_size=”normal” animation=”none” size=”1″]“OK, so if our competition posts to their blog once or twice a week, we should post daily and then crush them on the SERP’s”.
– Mr. Mo Betta[/dt_quote]

Not exactly. It is impossible for search engines to index all your content at the same time, so you never can be sure if your content will be picked up right away, or in slogs at a time. Therefore, following a posting schedule, where continuous new content is fed in weekly to the stream is the best way to go. You won’t be “crushing” anything, however you will be performing in an optimal fashion for the betterment of your rank.


You probably have received those emails (usually from India) where their SEO experts can get you thousands of backlinks overnight. Well, that is not always the best way to gain those backlinks. Google has recently released algorithm updates that actually penalize those who perform those shenanigans. However, if you have an SEO team (Bash Foo for instance) who knows how to gain good, solid links from highly trusted sites you can pretty quickly gain traction in the market of backlinks that lend credibility to your online brand vs. injuring it with junk links.

Your Website Age is Important to SEO

Have no doubt, your website age is absolutely important when it comes to the relevancy of your content being produced. A new site has not established much in the TRUST department, while older sites have had years of time to build their TRUST ranking. When someone asks you to link your 14 year old website to their 2 month old site, it is YOUR site that is losing trust and losing rank, while their site is gaining. Your SEO-focused web developer should know this.

Social Media = Social Proof

Even though we can’t guarantee that linking to your site from social media will make your site catch the eye of Google, it certainly doesn’t hurt. Original articles, linked to, clicked and liked or +1’ed (on Google Plus) tend to get more play on Google search results within the first 24 hours of the post being indexed. Often it will show up on page 1 for a keyword in the post that the site itself doesn’t rank well on. Then, Google will place it back into the closet with the rest of your posts. It is that aggregate growth that Google wants to see, not one flash in the pan posting.

SEO Tips to Consider

Do blog often. Do blog with an intent to deliver a creative and interesting message. And then do blog in order to help others. How can you do that? You can answer questions within the context of your blog post. Google contextual search algorithm looks at things like: “How to quickly change your oil?” and “How can I drop my DUI charge?” are great examples of the phraseology that Google finds full of intent. If you completed that intent, with bullets or numbered lists of things, Google will recognize that as well.

So, you can either learn all of this well in order to implement it on your site, or you can give us a ring and ask Bash Foo to handle your SEO for you. Our SEO analysts are certified with Google, so we are not here to mess around. We want all of our clients showing up where they want to be in Search Engine Results Pages.

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